Welcome to May flowers.  Mercury is moving full steam ahead and out of his shadow as of May 3rd. Now is the time to ask for a raise, push those projects forward and apply for those loans. The Sun is in earth stable Taurus until May 21st, then we move into curious Gemini. On May 15th, we will have a New Moon in Taurus, spend your day getting your finances organized and starting big project ideas. On the same day of the 15th, Uranus will be moving into Taurus and will remain there until April 26, 2026. 

Uranus is the great “Awakener” and typically known for bringing unexpected change and disruption to our lives. May is a number five-month, five is the number of change, personal freedom, resourcefulness, travel, and invention. It is appropriate the planet of change would transition during a number five month.

Uranus works by setting us free from the things that are holding us back, the changes that Uranus brings in Taurus will be focused on what we are choosing to build upon economically, it will change the way we use our finances personally and globally. Many will learn how to financially liberate themselves, meaning Uranus will introduce innovating and revolutionary ways to make money. 

The challenge of this energy will be controlled, slow-moving and methodical. Uranus is clearing the way for something better for us, it will be in our best interest to trust in the flow and Divine timing of the Universe or your inflexibility will make Uranus feel confrontational or shocking. During the month of May, there will be 3 significant planets in Earth signs, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This Earth energy is going to have us focusing on planting seeds and getting grounded in our careers, finances and partnerships. 

At the time of the Full Moon, we will experience two *Grand Trine, Water, and Fire. These aspects will affect our psychic abilities and self-esteem  The best advice for this month and the next 7years is to be flexible, go with the flow, follow your intuition, accept change and enjoy the new you that is evolving.   

 *look at the end of the article for definition* 



Many Aries will begin to feel a sense of relief after May 15th when Uranus moves out of your sign. The “Great Awakener” has been in your sign since 2011. For 7 years Uranus has caused many abrupt, unexpected events to take place, forcing many of you to grow up and take charge of your life. Despite the chaotic, turbulent disruption, many of you have grown significantly. After experiencing such an extreme transformation with Uranus in your sign, the proper question to ask yourself is “What do I want in my life right now? The combination of the New Moon in Taurus and Uranus, both happening on the 15th, will have you focusing on your core values in the self, money and partnerships. Mars and Pluto will be Conjunct in your 10th house, giving you the energy to pursue your career, dig deep into your resources, and set a clear intention for what you want. If you are experiencing any set- backs, Mars and Pluto are telling you to hold fast and not give up. Mars, your ruling planet will remind you that you are a warrior, and a survivor under any circumstances. You may want to start thinking about what feeds you, your finances and ideas. It is important for Ariens to listen to your intuition, it will be guiding you for the month of May. The month of May will reveal how to make those big wishes come true.

Couples may encounter a problem that will need to be sorted out regarding finances, however, a financial windfall could happen that can help sort out the problem and can bring on new ventures.

Single Ariens, new relationships are possible now, open yourself to new exploits and allow new people to come into your life. You can meet a person that thrills you and brings a sense of new excitement. Also, someone from the past may want to come back into your life, it would not be a good idea to re-engage with your past, stay with the new.

Three events will take place in your 2nd house of money and earning power:

5/14 – Mercury in Taurus

5/15 – New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus

These planets will converge in areas of how you finance, your self-esteem and self-worth. You are being given an opportunity to reevaluate yourself. This energy will help you see how you’re already abundant and that you deserve to be abundant. Now that Mercury is direct, take charge of your life and make that dream business come true. This will be a great time to initiate self-employment.

5/4 – This is going to be a great day, you may receive news about a personal advancement. You are going to have the power and control over the situation.

5/7 – Mercury in Aries will square Pluto – This could be a quarrelsome day. Be careful with what you say to those higher ups and what you say on Social Media, it could come back and bite you later.

5/11 – A productive day for ideas on how to advance to a new stage in your life. Ideas will come from someone else that will inspire you to learn a new skill or position at work, this will help increase your finances and change your resources for the better.

5/15 – New Moon in Taurus – The new moon harmonizes with Mars and Pluto; however, Uranus and Mars will be squared. Be careful of this day as well, it’s energy is impulsive and explosive.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius, you are ready for new and exciting, this is the time to meet new people, a time to ask yourself if the friends you have now are nurturing and supporting your new growth. You may need to cut out the old to make room for the new.

5/17 – Mars enters your 11th house – Mars will energize your friendships and organizations. You may want to start your own online community or join a new group where Mars will help you take on your leadership skills.

5/19 – Venus will enter Cancer – this movement will create a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. Use this energy for investing in real estate, for beautifying your home and office.

5/20 – The Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters your 4th house – You will put focus on your current domestic affairs. This is a time to be still and enjoy being at home with your loved ones. This energy will also affect any of you that may be in the Real Estate business. You might hear some good news about a family member.

5/21 – The Sun moves into your 3rd house – This would be a great time to plan a short trip, for studying in higher education and for networking.

5/29 – A full moon in Sagittarius enters your 9th house and Mercury enters Gemini – This energy will put emphasis on your spiritual journey, many of you may experience a spiritual awakening. This dynamic vibe will be good to take your skills to a higher level or to teach what you know to others. It is a great time for publishing and planning a long-distance trip. Do something new that feeds your soul. Begin to focus on Money Manifestation. This is going to be an extremely intuitive day. Pay attention.

Numerology #9 – It is about the final stages before something significant happens. It will be connected to your finances. It is about huge gain and a step into the right direction. There is going to be success and material attainment come into your life.

Crystals – Lapis Lazuli to enhance your personal power and open your 3rd eye Chakra. It will help you recognize the messages that are coming to you. Green Aventurine – it attracts abundance. It is good for apprenticeships and finding new and better careers.

Everything Soulful oils – Focus, Power, Manifestation, Abundance and Intuition Everything_Soulful_Taurus_gabi_xavier


This is a radical time for you, Uranus “The God of Change” will enter Taurus on May 15th and will stay there until April 26, 2026, and there will be a New Moon in Taurus on the same day. The universe is foretelling you to get ready for extensive growth that Uranus in your sign is about to give. You are being given an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Strap on some comfy boots because you are about to experience a 7year transformation. The New Moon in your sign will be about new beginnings, prospects and a new life. Do not try to make changes the old way, or stay in a comfort zone because of fear, do not let your stubbornness of being a fixed sign keep you from transforming. Uranus will force you into change and through that force you will experience a “rude awakening” and disruption from your norm. Be present and evolve with the transformation and you will notice things becomes easier as you go along with the revolution. Be ready to make immediate changes and stay flexible not only for the month, but for the next 7 years. Take advantage of this change and start a new life that stimulates and brings excitement for you. Your readiness for this major shift is vital for a stress free new you. Your New Moon is in progressive alignment with Pluto and Mars that opposes Jupiter. This energy is encouraging you and inspiring you to expand yourself in the world. The vibe for this month is about initiating new friendships, partnerships and work opportunities. May is the month to invest in yourself and personal development. Mercury will be in your sign for a few weeks, then enter Gemini giving you the ease to communicate clearly what you want and need during your progression. This is a good month to communicate with your partner and friends about your expectations of them. Talk to others about how you are processing the changes that are happening to you and what you want to build with yourself and others. Your finances will shape up towards the end of the month.

Single Taureans, listen to your intuition regarding partnerships and relationships, this could be that lucky break, Jupiter is in your area of marriage and partnership, you could find someone that is also going through a transformation, this is a venture for the both of you to grow together.

Coupled Taureans will receive good news this month about your relationship and a great time to share with your partner how this change is affecting and transforming you. This could help your partner support the new you. Your partners financial resources could change, they could find a new job or change jobs for the better.

The first couple weeks Mars and Pluto will be in your 9th house with Saturn – Pluto wants you to go beyond your boundaries and to go deeper into the depths of yourself. This will give you a new perspective of who you are. This is an opportunity to rejuvenate and reinvent yourself.

5/1 – Your subconscious mind will help you see what changes are needed to start your new life. Be careful with associates or persons that may want to take advantage of you. Do not sign any big contracts on this day. A good day to wear a Black Tourmaline crystal for protection from anyone trying to take advantage of you.

Three events will take place in your 1st house of the Self:

5/14 – Mercury enters Taurus

5/15 – New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and Squares Uranus in Taurus

These aspects will converge in your first house, regarding the self. There will be an inspiration and will to want to reinvent yourself, rejuvenate and promote new beginnings in all areas of your life. This energy may have you beginning to feel an awakening within yourself and you will want to change your appearance and style. On May 16th, watch out for any confrontations with higher ups. Stay diplomatic and stick to the facts and you can be successful in making your point.

5/17 – Mars enters you 10th house – stimulating your career, a good day for putting energy into looking for work.

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer in your 3rd house – This is good energy for you to move out into the community and for socializing with others. Get yourself out there and embrace the change happening to you. A good time for communications of all kinds, peace making and mediating. You may receive good news about a family member that could propel you to manifest a new financial venture.

5/20 – Sun enters Gemini – This a good time for personal and professional relationships

5/21 – The Sun enters your 2nd house – a good time to initiate a new business idea, a promotion. Time to recognize your talents and to turn it into a money making venture.

5/25 – Jupiter Trines Neptune – this energy will give your relationships a new boost of life.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 8th house and Mercury enters Gemini – bringing your focus on shared resources and other peoples resources, royalties and/or pay outs owed to you. You could be completing a business deal or investment. A good time to pursue your interest in metaphysics. You could take a relationship to a deeper level. You meet up with a friend from the past that will have a good impact on you.

Numerology #10 – This is a Karmic number, it is about destiny, self-empowerment and a starting point to tap into your individuality, independence, creativity, and leadership. Take the time to look at what you are reaping and sowing

Crystals – Unakite for healing and Black Tourmaline for repealing negative negotiations and energy. Green Aventurine is excellent for balance, attracts abundance and success, great for changes in career and resources. Good for making fast decisions.

Everything Soulful oils – Healing, Power, Balance, Creativity and AbundancEverything_Soulful_gemini_gabi_xavierGemini

The month of May will have you more behind the scenes working extensively with your 12th house, it is about the hidden self, secrets, Karma and your self-undoing. This month will show you your self-destructive patterns from your current and past lives, how you may be denying or disowning these patterns and how you may be projecting them onto others. You will have four planets visiting your 12th house, Mercury will join the Sun on the 14th, with Uranus and the New Moon entering Taurus on the 15th. these four planets will expose greater possibilities and opportunities to heal. Use this month to work on those hidden aspects of self-sabotage and great success will come to you, improving your money and self-worth. Do not be alarmed with what is happening to you this month, this energy is to support you in becoming your whole self, your true self. The month of May will be the time to be reflective, to learn or take up meditation or yoga and for being around nature. By the end of the month, you will begin to learn how to own and live your power. The changing aspects of May will spike up your psychic energy and what you are feeling intuitively is spot on. You may have noticed your dreams are more active and if you pay close attention, you will see the unveiling of your heart’s desire. On May 15th, the New Moon in Taurus will impact behind the scenes activity like completions in projects or a job. Venus will stimulate your finances starting May 19th, you could see financial gain from self-employment and/or the organization you work for. On May 22nd look at your return investments, ask yourself, how are you using your resources and efforts to build your wealth. Mercury shifting into your sign on May 29th, will propel you forward if you have been feeling stagnate.

Single Geminis you have Venus and the Sun in your sign, and the full moon motivating your area of relationships, if you are open to starting a relationship, this is the time to make it happen, make sure you are listening to your intuition.

Coupled Geminis you and your partner may be going through a growth spurt, it may be necessary to give each other space to allow personal growth. This is a good thing, taking time apart can strengthen the relationship.

The first few weeks of May will have Mars and Pluto in your 8th house – This will be the time to face your fears, surrender and free yourself from what’s been holding you back from success. This week is also very positive for a business venture that can be transformative for you.

5/2 – You will experience a big accomplishment regarding your home life. You will have more optimism in the areas you were recently pessimistic about.

5/11 – There is going to be a swift change this day, you will see progress in areas you were stagnate in. Be aware of an individual who will try to deceive you or take advantage of you. It is better to keep things to yourself to protect your dreams and wishes

There are four planets in your 12th house of Karma, you will focus on completing matters that are behind the scenes. This is the time for quietness, journaling or yoga. Meditation will be excellent to help you find the peacefulness within yourself. Find your center with this energy for a deep spiritual awakening. Release your past to allow the true you to emerge. Trust in your intuitive and mental abilities.

5/14 – Mercury joins the Sun

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus in Taurus will square Mars – be aware of this day, you may encounter confrontations. Take this day to take notice of what bothers you, who or what is annoying you and why.

5/17 – Mars enters your 9th house – a great time for long distance traveling. A time for publishing and studying new things

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer – This energy is about money and success and making better opportunities for you. You will feel more attractive. A playful and flirtatious vibe.

5/20 – Sun enters Gemini bringing in more social opportunities for you. go out and have fun day

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune – a good time to work on your health, work and vitality

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius enters your 7th house and Mercury enters Gemini – this will be a great healing energy for you. You may be finalizing a relationship. Pay attention to your subconscious and messages that are coming to you, it will reveal what you really want in relationships. You will gain great insight into your partnerships and yourself.

5/30 – Your courage is going to be in full force today, someone connected to your work will trigger your courage to make the major change you need. A day good for financial gains.

Numerology #8 – Personal Justice is about to come your way. Your finances are going to improve. Your past efforts are ready to be harvested in the month of May.

Crystals – Red Carnelian good for reducing anxiety, stress and keeping calm. Black Obsidian is for grounding and aids with indecisiveness.

Everything Soulful oils – Protection, Potency, Grounding, Power, Enlightenment and CourageEverything_Soulful_Cancer_gabi_xavier


This month is about letting go and embracing the new and being flexible to the changes that are occurring within and around you. By letting go of what no longer servers you, allows the universe to open better opportunities for your wishes to come true. I read this once in a fortune cookie and follow it firmly to this day “Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true”. Uranus’s transition into Taurus is great for you spiritually. You will want to meditate and make yourself accessible to divine messages that are reaching out to you. Taurus will sextile Cancer, bringing opportunity for financial gains and loving personal relationships. You will no longer feel the aggressive, forced change that Uranus brought onto you while it was in Aries. Now Uranus is in harmony with you and encouraging you to embrace the new. You will come out the winner during this transition, by willingly and gracefully letting go of what no longer serves you. The New Moon in Taurus on the 15th will be in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, this is about your long-term dreams and goals, your ability to enjoy other people, idealism and visions. The month of May could bring you sudden breakthroughs, windfalls and prospects. It would be to your benefit to do a ritual after the New Moon, like on the 16th to set your intentions in what you want to create with your assets, relationships and goals. This is a great month financially for all Cancers, whether you are working for yourself or someone else. On the May 25th, you will experience a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter, Neptune and Venus. This aspect will bring upon you some healing energy, cooperation and peace that you have been needing. Financially, things will go well for you, you may notice it is time to cut back a little, pay your debts, refinance or you may notice your partner is getting into the hustle of bringing in some resources to the table. All in all, Cancer, the month of May is looking financially well for you.

Single Cancerians Jupiter and Venus is on your side, it is about romance and finding the perfect partner, finding that deep connection. However, you need to be cautious, you could also attract negative energy. They may SEEM great, key word, SEEM, but, they are not good for you. If it feels to good to be true, IT IS.

Coupled Cancerians it is a time to do new things together, schedule any heart to heart conversations for after the 18th, this is when you will find your partner to be more receptive.

5/5 – This is going to feel like a very rewarding day. You are going to start feeling safe about your resources. You could receive an inheritance. An older male figure could have an influence on a great idea.

In the first couple weeks you will have Mars, Pluto and Saturn in your 7th house – you may have noticed changes in your relationships. Pluto will give you a profound clear picture of what has been holding you back from enjoying your current relationships.

5/12-13 – the energy of these two days will be argumentative, it is not a good time to have a heart to heart with your boss, friends and partners. It would be best to save that for the 18th of May, when the planets are in harmony.

There are three planets in your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes:

5/14 – Mercury joins the Sun

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus in Taurus

These three aspects will have you focusing more on your hopes and wishes, how you enjoy others and where you see your goals reaching. New beginnings with your social circles and networks. It is about bringing your talents and skills to the world. Community will be your focus for the next 7 years. This energy can put many of you in the spotlight and become famous.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and will squares Uranus – this could be a frustrating day for egos and power struggles. This could happen with a friend, associate or partner.

5/17 – Mars enters your 8th house – energizing your money area, taxes, and joint finances.

5/18 – A fabulous day for receiving personal justice. You will receive advice that will benefit you and turn the decision to your favor.

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer – WOW! All you need is love. This is a wonderful day, you will feel attractive and people will be attracted to you. Lots of flirting going on this day. Have lots of fun with your friends and partners.

5/25 – Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will trine and form a Grand Water trine with Venus in your Sign – this is so good for you! this will soothe any stormy waters you may have been experiencing

5/20 – Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters your 1st house – pamper yourself today, you may even attract that perfect partner you have been looking for.

5/21 -The Sun enters your 12th house – an opportunity to reflect on the year. Take some quiet time today and just enjoy being, take a nature hike or meditate.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 6th house and Mercury enters Gemini – this could be the time you will be completing projects and or job. This energy will help find the balance between you and your work life. Mercury in Gemini can have you being the life of the party. There could be a change of work and health or how you give service others.

5/30 – Someone may try to deceive you to do something you don’t want to do. Do not sign any contracts this day.

Numerology #10 – you are on the right track with your destiny. You are doing the right things to make your wishes come true. Prepare yourself for a great journey

Crystals – Black Obsidian for protection and keeping people from draining your energy. Green Aventurine, wear this while you are at work or when you are looking for work.

Everything Soulful oils – Protection, Focus, Manifestation, Intuition and Enlightenment



May is the month to start a new enterprise or launch a new career. This month is about obtaining all you have learned from Uranus in Aries and bringing it to a significant position to discover a new life purpose. Uranus in Taurus will help you see what you value and what changes you need to make professionally to improve how you obtain money and how you work with your resources. Leo’s are a fixed sign, stubbornness and inflexibility will be a detriment to receiving all that you deserve and desire. Uranus will be in Taurus for 7 years, do not resist the changes Uranus in Taurus is offering. It would be to your advantage to flow with the transformation and set your intentions to what you want to create with your resources, relationships and goals. In the first part of May, your spirituality is going to receive a major boost. You will go deep into your subconsciousness, questioning your emotions connected to your relationships and if what you are doing now will benefit you in the future. Your time in May is about creating a healthy balance with friends, work and family. Exercise your imagination and intellect combined to create the best love, money and work scenario. What is it you have always wanted to do? Stop making excuses, take responsibility for your choices and manifest greatness. The second part of May could have some of you dealing with a burden that has to do with your home life.

Single Leos you could meet someone amazing with the full moon activating your relationship area, this could be marrying type material.

Coupled Leos could find themselves being proposed to or proposing to their partners.

The first couple weeks Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 6th house. This combination is encouraging you to face your fears and work with your losses. If you have had a hard time looking for a job, this energy wants you to go deeper and really look at what you want to do. It is time for you to stop holding yourself back and do what you have always wanted to do professionally. Maybe it is time to change your diet to better your health.

5/3 – The energy of the day may be filled with a little anxiety. You may feel overwhelmed with the realization of how much you need to make changes in your life. The fear of the unknown.

5/13 – A interesting life lesson can be learned today. You may receive a great idea from having a conversation, this could lead you to a money maker. Be careful with anyone trying to take advantage of you.

There are three planets in your 10th house of Career and Destiny

5/14 – Mercury joins the Sun

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus in Taurus

These three aspects will put emphasis on your career, you may find yourself completely changing your career or jumping from one job to another, trying out new things to discovery your life purpose.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius in your 7th house squaring Uranus – this could affect your relationships and partnerships. There can be a confrontation with a colleague or friend.

5/17 – Mars enters your 7th house – energizing your relationships, if you are looking for a relationship, this is the time to be proactive

5/20 – Venus enters your 12th house – this is a time for peaceful inner activity

5/21 – The Sun enters your 11th house – activating your social circles, new groups and friends and meeting with like-minded people

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune this is the time to handle real estate business, buying, investing, or selling.

5/27 – Do not talk about any of your ideas, strategies or personal information with anyone today. Someone could steal your idea or try to deceive you into signing your life away. By the end of the day, you may feel there is a need to open new paths.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 5th house and Mercury in Gemini – a time to form new social networks, have some play time with friends and family. This energy will encourage your creativity.

Numerology #6 – You will begin to receive financial gain and advancement. A time to learn true compassion and empathy. You will put more emphasis into your home and your heart.

Crystals – Black Obsidian, protection from negative people, places or things. Green Aventurine will help with the changes you are about to embark and to help attract wealth.

Everything Soulful oils – Abundance, Focus, Balance, Protection, Courage and Creativity



May is going to be one of your best months this year. The New Moon and Uranus will be entering Taurus on the 15th. This is a double harmonious impact to any planets you have in Virgo. Pluto is in Capricorn and is Trine to the New Moon in Taurus, creating a Grand Earth Trine to your planets in Virgo. Notable practicality and precise genius with money and material possessions will be implemented into your daily dealings. Uranus moving into Taurus will be incredibly favorable for you. It is going to bring you opportunities on a gold platter. It is about a transformation in consciousness, you will be looking at things in an entirely new perspective. This is about financial liberation, this is expansion of the self, launching a new business, website, school anything that has to do with technology, it is about multiplying your skills into the world. You are being supported by the universe to make better your positions in life. To be ahead of game changing Uranus, use your adaptable mutable energy and stay flexible to transform with this change. It will bring new enterprise and opportunities, a new job, or a new bankable idea. If you need to ask for a raise, do it before the 19th, be graceful and use your best factual self to present your worth and how you ought to have what you ask for, then be patient. Spiritually it is about connecting with your higher self, the aptitude to see and relate to endless dimensions.

Single Virgos, you could meet someone at a distance, someone who is different from you, but like you at a soul level, be open to the unique.

Coupled Virgos will have a healing spiritually connection, plan a vacation you and your partner have been wishing to take. Financially, the money is there, use your creative skills to active your money house. This is the time to take risks and try new things. Do not hold yourself back for others, this is the time for you and your success.

The first couple of weeks, Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 5th house – about digging deep into your creative resources, may start a new business. Time to have fun and enjoy what it is you are doing. A great time for romance.

5/3 – A sense of balance with a person. They will be very influential to you and help you realize your developing potential.

There are three planets in your 9h house of The Higher Mind and Wider Travels

5/14 – Mercury joins the Sun

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus in Taurus

These three aspects are about expanding your horizons, traveling, getting a bigger perspective about your life. An opportunity to begin a great spiritual awakening, for opening your mind to more unlimited possibilities, maybe publish something and become famous.

5/15 – New Moon in Taurus – this would be a good time to set your intentions to what you want financially, creatively and in relationships. Something is going to be decided for you, it will be in your favor. A very good day for legal dealings

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus – this could be a very explosive day, when people are opposing, this could happen with a co-worker or some disruption comes about at work.

5/17 – Mars enters your 6th house – good energy for being productive at work, start a new health regimen

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer – this will affect the money you make from the business you own or organization you work for, your hopes and wishes. You must be proactive with this energy to have success.

5/20 – The Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters your 11th house – meeting like-minded individuals, a soul tribe, bringing energy to your status and profession. Go get the skills and technology you need, reach out to people you need to help with your success.

5/21 – The Sun enters your 10th house – focusing on your career, a good time to move to a completely different direction in your life. You could hear about a promotion. A good day to start learning a new skill or expanding your skill in a different way

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune – this is excellent for relationships, communications, publishing, teaching. This is a splendid day for communicating with your partners

5/28 – The best day to take care of home life. Time to declutter and rearrange your home.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 4th house and Mercury enters Gemini – this day can give you an epiphany about how you work and how you could be more efficient and effective. This energy is about the home, many of you could move to a new dwelling. Home repairs could come to a completion or you may notice a change going on within your family

Numerology #8 – building your self-power, confidence, material gain and self-worth.

Crystals – Lapis Lazuli will help you with the intuitive messages you will receive in May. Black Obsidian for deflecting those projecting negativity, grounding and balance.

Everything Soulful oils – Enlightenment, Intuition, Power, Lotus and Abundance



May will give you an opportunity for growth. Uranus’s transition to Taurus will enable you to see how you are getting in your own way. May is the month to take moments of self-reflection and truly see your shadow side. During this time of reflection, you allow the universe to show you how to heal self-sabotaging patterns. This month will concentrate deeply in your 8th house of “other people’s” money. Your partner may come into more money or they may be struggling with obtaining money. You could get into a joint venture or receive a tax payout or an inheritance. Uranus will help you obtain financial freedom and self- liberation. May is going to be a big money month for you. Mars and Pluto will be in positive energy flow with the New Moon in Taurus on the 15th, this aspect could bring a new opportunity to restructure your debt or pay it off. The 17th, 18th and 19th, would be a good time to schedule quality time with your family and or friends, think about planning a weekend trip. Venus moves into Cancer on the 19th creating a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in your area of money and Neptune in your area of work, Wow, Libra, this aspect will bring additional prosperity and money into your pocket! The Grand Water Trine may give you greater ease with your emotions, a rare depth of feeling and empathy for others.

Single Libras will have Mars help you find true love. You will meet up with those from your past, having a good time.

Coupled Libras this is a good energy for healing and having conversations on how you can find solutions together.

For the first couple weeks, Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 4th house – a good time to take your power back with your family. These three planets will give you’re the strength to handle any control issues you may be experiencing with your home and family.

5/3 –   Today is the day you will feel the shift beginning, preparing you for the eminent change approaching. Those trying to have a baby, use this fertile day to make it happen.

5/10 – you might experience a test of your abilities in your work sector today, you will do well.

5/13 – Your character and abilities will be noticed by your superiors. Do well and you could get a promotion or invited into a joint venture.

There are three planets in your 10th house of Career and Destiny

5/14 – Mercury joins the Sun

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus

5/16 – Uranus in Taurus

These three aspects will focus on your 8th house – concentrate on your self-esteem, you may find yourself taking care of someone else’s resources in a new business partnership or deal. you could find yourself taking a relationship to a deeper level. Obtaining further inspirations, awakening your spirituality, receiving gifts, money or grants from others. Planetary influence can help you become more intimate with people, especially with someone close.

5/16 – Mars will Square with Uranus – be mindful of conflicts with loved ones.

5/17 – Mars enters your 5th house – great for starting a business, putting a new idea to an existing business. A great day to get your creative juices rolling. A time to play and have fun. Good for any type of entertainment, dance, music, art, acting. Encouraging you to have some lightness in your life

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer – This is a great time to focus on your career and a terrific time to ask for a raise.

5/20 – The Sun enters Gemini and Venus moves into your 10th house – A day you could hear good news about a work situation. If you are not happy with your job, Venus will help you find what is right for you. The Sun is encouraging you to find enjoyment in the work you do.

5/ 21 – The Sun moves into your 9th house – A great time for publishing, planning a long-distance trip, and good for studying something new

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune and brings you more money through the work you are doing. Your superiors are loving you. Launch a new venture. Use your skills to become self-employed.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 3rd house and Mercury enters Gemini– a good time for finalizing a deal, up grade your technology, study technology, meeting new people to create more passive income. This is a good day for fun and celebration.

Numerology #9 – the ability to see clearly, inborn talents, intuition and inner strength.

Crystals – Red Carnelian can help you with the important decisions you need to make this month. Good for balance. Green Aventurine use this stone to attract abundance and help with finding a job.

Everything Soulful Oils – Abundance, Power, Focus, Heart and Intuition



This month will be a turning point for you. Uranus will enter Taurus in your 7th house of partnerships on the 15th. It is about revolutionizing how you manage relationships. For the next 7 years, be prepared and open to transformations with your relationships. The New Moon in Taurus on the 15th, with Venus still in Gemini will also affect your 7th house. It is about innovation and liberation within your relationships to self and others. The New Moon is in positive energy flow with your planets Mars/Pluto, and Jupiter, you will be given a push to progress your relationships to the next level. Uranus is “the great awakener”, this is not easy energy for fixed signs like you. Your stubborn and inflexible tendencies with change can cause frustration and helplessness. Stay true to who you are this month and be flexible to occurring changes. Allow yourself to paint outside the lines, ensure what is proper for you. This month will reveal the shifts necessary to grow your partnerships. May is going to be great for meeting new people from very different backgrounds. If you want to have deep conversations with others, make sure you avoid the 16th of May, that will not be a good day to make your point. Remember to take time out this month to relax yourself, put your feet into the earth, feel Gaia’s energy flow through you. Grounding rituals and exercises can bring clarity and balance to your actions. Pay attention to your surroundings, take note of how you feel with animal encounters, even they will bring messages to you from the universe.

Single Scorpions this is a great month for meeting that amazing someone, this energy will bring someone who is very free, this person cannot be controlled, it will be more interdependent than co-dependent. Someone in your past may try to come back. Do not engage, leave it in the past, it will not benefit your new life emerging.

Coupled Scorpios, Uranus is going to be disruptive to your relationships, it is important to be open to change, to communicate your needs and to listen to what your partner needs. Some of you may experience a want for more freedom or your partner may want more freedom. This will be the time to ask yourself, what is this relationship doing for you or what lesson are you learning from it. It will be best to give each other space to grow to benefit from this Uranus transition with your relationships.

The first couple weeks, Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 3rd house – you will have some very powerful networks. You may meet someone very influential to your money-making resources or you may land the deal of a lifetime.

5/5 – There is an opportunity that will prepare you for advancement. If you are self employed an idea can come that will be life changing. A good day for job searching or researching a different type of career. Be aware of some associates this day, they may want to trick you into signing your life away, follow your intuition. Do not make any expensive purchases today. Wear Black Obsidian crystal to protect you from anyone trying to take advantage of you.

On May 14th, Mercury joins the Sun in your 7th house of partnerships along with the New Moon in Taurus on the 15th and Uranus in Taurus on the 16th.These three aspects will concentrate on your relationships, marriages and partnerships of all kinds. Real awakenings will become apparent with how you stand with your relationships. Uranus will bring new innovating ways to bring joy and excitement to your partnerships. The 14th of May will also bring messages that can help you solve problems that have been bothering you. Use Moldavite crystal to help you recall your dreams.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus – this day is not for having those heart to heart conversations. You may get into arguments and confrontations. Stay home or be alone to keep working with self. Stay away from any kind of drama.

5/17 – Mars enters your 4th house – time for decluttering, renovating or rearranging your home

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer forming a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in your sign and Neptune in Pisces this is a fabulous day for you. Great for learning a new skill that will advance your money-making resources. You could meet an amazing new lover.

5/20 – Venus enters your 9th house – For meeting someone over-seas, going to a country you have wanted to go. A time for publishing or teaching what you have learned.

5/21 – The Sun enters your 8th house – this house works with “other peoples” money, banking, taxes, money owed to you. Someone may want to invest an idea and partner up with you.

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune – your intuition will be powerful. You will notice opportunities coming your way. Listen to your gut about everything today. It is about being at the right place at the right time kind of energy.

5/26 – A beneficial Karmic day. Pay it forward. You will have an opportunity to help someone and it will be healing for you.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 2nd house and Mercury enters Gemini – This full moon is absolutely rich for you. This is an excellent moon to improve your finances. You may be completing something this month that will improve your finances. This moon will bring changes to your self -esteem and how you acquire money.

Numerology #3 – Optimism and joy, you will understand how to use thought-word and action to manifest your destiny.

Crystals – Black Obsidian will protect you from negative people. Moldavite is great for psychic dream recall

Everything Soulful oils – Intuition, Acceptance, Creativity, Balance, Protection and Grounding



May is going to be the month in which you are going to fully think about your career. You may want to change the way you work and how you work. Many of you may become involved with new technology, innovations or Metaphysics. Uranus entering Taurus on the 15th will affect your 6th house. This energy will concentrate on your health, how you eat, exercise and serve others. The New Moon will be in Taurus on the 15th, this will activate new beginnings in work, lifestyle and your service to the world. Mars and Pluto are in positive energy flow with this new moon bringing in a lucrative time through the work you do or the services you provide. Mercury will rule your area of relationships and ignite a new business partnership. This month is the time to release ideas and put them to work. On May 19th you will experience a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Cancer. This water trine can bring a supportive investor into your life. This person may give you start up money for a new business idea. Take the time in May for meditating and listening to what the universe is telling you, walk barefoot, sit in a quiet setting and enjoy nature. Any big problems you have been undergoing can be resolved by the end of this month.

Single Sagittarians be open to those who want to help you, they could become the perfect partner as well as the perfect lover. They will support you with your finances and the life changes you will experience.

Couple Sagittarians strengthen the relationship with communication, let them know the changes you are experiencing, so they can support you. Venus will be in your area of “other people’s money”, your partner could produce more income.

The first few weeks of the month Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 2nd house, this energy can bring an opportunity to create great wealth. Pluto will help you realize that you do deserve that wealth. This energy helps build inner wealth that extends to creating external wealth.

5/5 – Someone is going to try to deceive you, take advantage. Do not talk to strangers about your ideas. Not a day for negotiations. No big purchases. If you can’t change the date for signing or negotiating, wear a Black Tourmaline crystal for protection. The good news is someone you trust will come through for you by the end of the day.

5/12 – You may feel a little strange today, because you will be in tuned with your spirituality. Any uncertainty or problems you are facing will come to an end.

5/14 – Mercury will join the Sun in your 6th house along with the New Moon on the 15, and Uranus on the 16th, this will greatly change how your work, handle your health and will greatly awaken your mental and spiritual path.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and Squares Uranus – this is going to be an explosive day. be aware of drama and arguments. This day is better used for working overtime and increasing your wealth.

5/17 – Mars enters your 3rd house – great for taking short trips, do something spontaneous, be proactive with networking, meeting new people and finding bargains.

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer in your 7th house – This is the day you could receive the most help from someone behind the scenes with moving up in your career. You will be getting help from others financially with your business or to grow into a new area. A good day to be in a peaceful place with your relationships.

5/20 – The Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters your 8th house – This will energize your relationships, you may delve deeper into your current relationship or you may find that person you connect with on a deeper level. A good day to start a new course study in metaphysics or learning more about yourself.

5/21 – The Sun enters your 7th house – this gives an opportunity to meet that special someone. Passing on heart energy into your relationships

5/25 – Jupiter Trines Neptune – A very creative, intuitive, spiritual, healing day, feeling good and well with life.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius enters your 1st house and Mercury moves into Gemini – Something about your hidden self will be released on this day, letting go the old role. You will be completing something and coming into your power. This is a good time to network for additional opportunity, a time to celebrate because you have much to be happy about. Seeing all the inspiring, possibilities you can create in your life. New enterprise, new career opportunities, changing jobs for the better. This full moon will help you become your whole self. There are important messages coming to you, you must take the time to listen, so that you will know what needs to be released and to tune your intuition for proper guidance. Mercury in Gemini will bring action to those that want to help you succeed. Communicating with others will be smooth.

5/30 – A person from your past may come back into your life. This is someone you cared about like an old friend. This person has a great influence on you. They could help you with an idea that you have been wanting to work on.

Numerology #5 – Very big changes are going to happen with your finances, love and career. Multi-talented energy, free thinking, fast moving and life lessons learned through experiences.

Crystals – Black Tourmaline protection from negativity in people and situations. Lapis Lazuli opens your 3rd eye, strengthens your intuition and helps you decode universal messages coming to you.

Everything Soulful oils – Focus, Protection, Intuition, Abundance, Manifestation and Grounding.



Uranus will shift into Taurus on the 15th. This will bring splendid energy to any planets you have in Capricorn. Uranus in Taurus is empowering you to be innovative, using new technology, being more creative and in genius to build more wealth. Uranus in Taurus will be in your 5th house of creative self-expression and true love. This energy will activate new forms of creative self-expression and leadership opportunities. You will now learn how to know yourself through encounters with others. You will learn how to fully appreciate the changes you have made. This month is the aim to know your soul power is bringing you opportunities to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Now that Uranus is out of Aries, it is going to be easier for you to make changes that do not feel so disruptive. The Taurus New Moon on the 15th is in sweet flow with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and in opposition to Jupiter that will encourage you to expand, take risks and move in a new direction. This is the month to begin reinventing yourself, in work and life. Brilliant ideas will emerge with changing your relationships and starting a new business. May is a killer month for you financially, this energy can help you ascend levels at your place of work or get that big client you have been hoping for. This month will show you ways of creating financial liberation. This is the month to focus on the solution not the problem. The days starting from the 12th into the 16th, be careful at this time for arguments and confrontations can happen with children, friends or lovers.

Single Capricorns you have Mercury, Uranus, and the New Moon activating your love life. You could meet someone unique from your norm.

Coupled Capricorns do something together that keeps the flame going. Work on something creative together.

The first few weeks of May, you will have Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, this is going to be a super power for you. anything you set your mind on will set a momentum into action. Self-transformation a great personal progress or starting a new project.

5/1 – A very positive day, you will get good news about someone you have been worrying about, a family member or someone close to you. You can meet with someone that has a positive influence for you. You may have to bring back what you left behind 7 years ago and carry it forward to this current time. It could be an idea, partnership or relationship.

On May 14th, Mercury will join the Sun in your 5th house along with the New Moon on the 15th, and Uranus on the 16th. These three aspects in your 5th house will activate romance, creativity and show you how to receive more enjoyment in life. A real awakening to the light and energy of your life.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus in your 5th house– this is a day to not have those heart to heart talks with anyone. Arguments and fights can occur. If you are looking to have a baby, the fertility energy is extremely high today.

5/17 – Mars enters your 2nd house of money and finances, putting energy into looking for a job, being proactive with your finances

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer this energy will help with smoothing out any relationship challenges you may have had on the 16th

5/20 – Sun enters Gemini and Venus enters your 7th house, looking for a relationship this bodes well, those coupled will find more romance and love in the relationship. This Venus energy will draw great people into your life.

5/21 – The Sun enters your 6th house, putting focus on your health. Could be a fresh start for a new job.

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune – an excellent day that can bring greater prosperity, money you make from the business you own or with the organization you work with.

5/28 – Follow your intuitive side today with creativity. It could bring you a superb windfall in resources, finances and partnerships.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 12th house and Mercury enters Gemini – it is about working behind the scenes, work on the work life balance. This moon is in positive energy flow with you and activates your emotional intelligence. There may be a business you are ready to launch, this is the time to come to completion and publish or promote it to the world. The more you hustle the more you earn, going after increasing your earning power. Ask yourself if you are getting enough quiet time.

Numerology #7 – A highly spiritual number, a time for spiritual awakenings, inner-wisdom, introspection, things from the past can now come to fruition. Make your intention to manifest good fortune.

Crystals- Clear Quartz for connecting with your spirit guides and your intuition. Green Aventurine will benefit your career and attracting abundance.

Everything Soulful oils – Intuition, Enlightenment, Creativity, Protection, Balance, Manifestation and Focus.



This month is about embracing your desired changes, your ruling planet will transition on May 15th in Taurus in your 4th house. You will revolutionize your basic approach to life. Some of you will be moving to new dwellings or making major changes to your home. Uranus will awaken your soul desire, your soul agreements. This energy is about consciously being flexible to how you support yourself. You will complete current projects that will build your future foundations. The challenge for the next 7 years is to allow needed changes to take place during this Uranus transition. If you are not flexible and choose to stay with the way things are, Uranus will aggressively alter what is stagnant and liberate you from how you hold yourself back from success. The Taurus New Moon on the same day of the 15th, will up lift and empower you to make a new start. This month you may notice that you will be cutting off more ties from your past, letting go of what no longer serves you. You may have profound psychological encounters with others that can give you a healthier understanding about yourself, and how you can interact better with others. Look to expand your view in where you want to be 6 months to a year from now. The intention behind this revolutionary change is to get you to the place you want to be, with your long-term goals. Be in the here and now and let the transformations come to existence. May will be a time of invocation, you will find yourself manifesting your wishes easier and subsequently progressing forward.

Single Aquarians you have the Sun, Mercury and the Moon lighting up your area of self-expression, creativity and romance. Flirting and having a good time is what you need this month.

Coupled Aquarians could encounter financial uncertainty with your partner in the beginning of the month. However, later in the month, your partner will gain resources that will benefit you both.

The first few weeks will have Mars, Pluto and Saturn in your 12th house, this is great for deep personal transformations, clearing those fears from the past. Let yourself experience those emotions you have been avoiding. Good time to get involved with metaphysics. A time to go within and become your power.

5/3 – A very chaotic day with negative and positive emotions. You may wake up with some uncertainties, by the end of the day, you will have a clear account on how to make your ideas work for you.

On May 14th, Mercury will join the Sun in your 4th house along with the New Moon on the 15, and Uranus on the 16th. These three aspects will concentrate on your 4th house, this is a time to declutter and perhaps move to a new dwelling. You will see changes happening within your family.

5/15 – A New Moon in Taurus will manifest an option for you to learn something new. Do not over think your urge to learn. Just do it! This is a good time to plan a short trip.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and Squares Uranus – this could be a problematic day personally. Use this energy physically, go out to the gym or go for a brisk walk.

5/17 – Mars in Aquarius enters your 1st house, to be proactive with your new projects. You will be more open-minded and busy as the month goes on.

5/20 – Sun enters Gemini – an excellent time for romance, celebrations and parties.

5/21 – The Sun enters your 5th house – time to enjoy life, find what makes you happy, a good day to encounter a new relationship.

5/25 – Jupiter trines Neptune – this will shine a light on your career. This will show you how to create a prosperous time for you. you can be finding yourself moving up with what you are doing and going with the flow of change and liking the prosperity you are creating.

5/29 – Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 11th house and Mercury enters Gemini – this will affect how you make money with the job you have or through your own ventures. New beginnings with social circles and friendships.

Numerology #17 – This reveals a life changing opportunity, Insight, self-discipline and spiritual consciousness. A time of travel that has to do with work.

Crystals – Moldivite helps with dream recall, use to understand dream messages. Green Aventurine will help you make the best decisions about your business moves and to attract abundance.

Everything Soulful oils – Abundance, Acceptance, Focus, Power, Intuition and Protection



For the first few weeks of May, Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in your 11th house, bringing amazing influential people, organizations or groups to you. You may find yourself involved in a leadership position with a new group and meeting new friends. May will inspire areas of speaking, writing, teaching and creating into action. The universe will be sending you messages on how to better your world, causing many Pisceans to experience sleepless nights. It would benefit Pisceans to write all your ideas down. On May 15th, Uranus will transition into Taurus, this energy will significantly motivate you to create. One of those ideas you have written down could produce an innovative invention, publish a book, build a new program or create art and music. This is the month to find the joy of life, to find what makes you feel good about yourself. The Taurus New Moon on the same day, is in a harmonious angle with Pluto and Mars. These planets are in your money-making area of the business you own or the organization you work for. Having these aspects agreeable with your sign will motivate and encourage you to expand your thinking outside the box. Uranus is about change, use your mutable energy and move with the change Uranus is making for you. Use your powerful intuition to recognize divine timing to unveil your ideas and projects. This is a great month for you, inspiration plays a major part for you financially and spiritually.

Single Pisceans you could meet someone from another country and have a deep soul connection with them. This is a soul relating time for you. There is a possibility of someone coming in from your past. Leave them in your past, do not engage, they are not good for you.

Coupled Pisceans Some of you will have playful fun times together. Celebrating your freedom, love and togetherness. If you have not been happy in your relationship you may encounter arguments and conflict, resulting in a break up.

5/4 – A difficult situation may arise through a person that is trying to deceive you. Make no big purchases, do not sign anything. If you are not able to avoid any negotiations. Wear a Clear Quartz to protect you from the element of surprise.

On May 14th, Mercury will join the Sun in your 3rd house along with the New Moon on the 15th, and Uranus on the 16th. These aspects concentrate on how your mind works, giving you the chance to change the way you think. A wonderful time to learn something new, communications, creative self-expressions, and family.

5/16 – Mars enters Aquarius and Squares Uranus – today is not a good day to buy any electronics. It will be better to make those purchases after the day. This aspect has an explosive energy that can be argumentative and confrontational. Not a good day to have a necessary conversation with any relationships and partnerships.

5/17 – Mars enters your 12th house – you may want to put some energy into your inner world. Be present and proactive in a state of stillness and listen to what your soul needs.

5/19 – Venus enters Cancer – this day ignites romance, creative self-expression, children and love affairs. Today is a good day to take a risk. This could be about connecting with twin flames and soul mates.

5/20 – Venus enters your 5th house – A magically romantic day, entertaining others or the self. A great day to launch a self-employment project. Use today to initiate any creative projects.

5/21 – The Sun enters Gemini in your 4th house – focus on your family and home. Maybe a time to declutter and make space for new beginnings.

5/23 – If you have been feeling stagnant or lonely, you will find your sense of direction today. You will know by the end of the day what no longer serves you and you will be ready to let go.

5/29 – The Full Moon in Sagittarius in your 10th house and Mercury enters Gemini – This day is great to focus on your career. This energy can guide you to find the kind of work you truly want to do. You could be completing a project or move into a new field. This full moon is about balancing your personal and business life, make sure you are making time for fun with your family.

5/30 – An older powerful person will influence you to initiate an idea today that is going to impact your future. Pay attention to any chance encounters with your elders or anyone that is older than you.

Numerology #10 – this is a karmic number, pay if forward. There is an element of luck within this number, if you are looking for a job, this month is the time to make efforts. Number 10 will give you insight to recognize and understand the needs of your family tribe.

Crystals – Red Carnelian is good to calm you; releases anxiety, helps you find peace and raises your energy levels. Clear Quartz to protect you from hidden enemies. Lapis Lazuli will sharpen your intuition and 3rd eye, it will help you recognize the spiritual messages that are coming to you.

Everything Soulful oils – Passion, Abundance, Intuition, Protection, Lotus and Creativity


A Grand Trine represents 3 planets in harmony with one another, within one element (earth, fire, water, air), When a Grand Trine is present, it means there are no bounds to the persons’ ability to channel this elemental force.

A Grand Earth Trine is the ability to be grounded, down to earth, practical and sensual. This aspect will gift you with the ability to manage your resources very well and pursue your goals without ever giving up.

A Grand Water Trine is the most creative potential that understands the collective consciousness. This is sometimes called a Psychic Trine of a metaphysical artist. This aspect will gift you with psychic development.

A Grand Fire Trine represents enthusiasm, self confidence and creative flair. It adds high perception, intuition and inspiration. This is the Trine that carries the Alchemical Flame of Initiation.

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