The theme for this month is; Plan everything out, Double check everything and Do not leave anything to chance. The first part of March will continue with last month’s water energy. The Sun, Neptune, Chiron (the wounded healer) and the New Moon are in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. The beginning of March will be about emotional and spiritual healing. It would be advised for all signs to keep a dream journal because we must open ourselves to our subconsciousness to receive Divine messages and inspiration.

The second part of March will be Fire energy. Venus and Mercury will enter Aries. Mars will enter Capricorn and The Sun enters Aries on the 20th.  This energy is about activation and ignition. Mars and Aries will put action into manifesting our hopes and wishes.

March 1st is the Full Moon in Virgo, this energy promotes practicality, organization, tuning into the wellbeing of our bodies and clarifying our goals. Many of us will need to change our health and work lifestyles to accommodate the awakenings we will experience. The Virgo full moon will renew and refresh us. This energy can bring new insights or ideas that we can take into the new year.

On March 4th, the Sun will couple with Neptune, opposing the Virgo full moon. This energy will pull us in two directions; wanting to escape reality and wanting to be practical.

On March 6th, Mercury and Venus enter Aries, work on important projects behind the scene.

On March 8th, Jupiter will retrograde until July 10th in relationships, communication, and conversations. It will affect speaking, writing, short distance travel and teaching. Use Jupiter in retrograde for going within and aligning with your truth.

On March 11th, the Sun will form a Trine to Jupiter. This aspect will ignite relationships and connections with others. People will want to support, promote and help each other. This could be a very romantic day for those looking for love or connect us with those from our past lives.

 On March 17th we will have the New Moon and Chiron in Pisces. This energy brings pain, uncertainties, and fears. Chiron will help us to heal pains, pull up our courage, self-respect and our self-worth.

On March 18th, Mars enters Capricorn and Saturn will square Venus. This could be a very warlike day for all of us. I recommend we be patient, to listen before we respond and consider if the battle is even worth it.

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries and we welcome the Spring (Vernal) Equinox. The 20th is also International Astrology day. There will be different Spring festivals that will occur to celebrate the sun’s passing over the celestial equator. The energies of today are considered very powerful, meditate and ask for guidance before you go to bed.

On March 22nd, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries until April 15th. Venus will be challenged by Pluto in the 8th house of “other people’s money”.  This energy will shine a light on intimacies and trust.

On March 24th, Mars will Square the Sun, giving an argumentative effect to the day. Today, be conscious and clear about what you say and do.

On March 31st, we will have a Full Moon in Libra, Venus moves into Taurus and Saturn will T-Square Capricorn. The T-Square will test relationships and partnerships, causing miscommunications and provoking our tempers. Choose your battles wisely, think if it’s going to matter in 3 months, don’t engage, stay focused on your success. March is the month to DOUBLE CHECK emails, text and ourselves.

Everything Soulfull oils to use for March – Healing, Balance, Creativity, Power, Love Thy Self, Protection, Focus, Grounding and Intuition. If you have body aches and pain, use #MamaSana to help alleviate any problems.



This month starts with a Full Moon in Virgo. This moon will affect your work, your lifestyle and your health. Virgo is always about being practical and clarifying what needs to be done. In March you will be very focused in having balance in your area of work and reaching goals you are trying to achieve. The power of March will lead you in the right direction, helping your financial wishes to come true. In the first couple weeks of March, the Pisces Neptunian energy from February will still be in effect. You may have feelings of wanting to kick back and dream. It will be a time better utilized for self-rejuvenation and self-discovery. During this energy, you may get too distracted with non-important things, but you can use it for behind the scene projects that you have been working on. This is an excellent moment for single Aries, your words have power and influence over people. Take this energy and engage more with your surroundings, this could bring a wonderful relationship into life. On March 17th, Chiron in Pisces will be very strong at the time of the Pisces New Moon. This energy will bring up mind, body and spirit pain, helping you heal in any or in all these areas. Heal it, forgive it, release it. Go to the water and allow the water to flush, cleanse and purify you, to bring you to your perfect state of being, to help you become who you really are. You may be shown how you are holding yourself back, limiting yourself or self-sabotage. Remain open to opportunities and do not prematurely limit your options or choices at this stage. Don’t try to prolong what needs to come to an end. Do thoughtful little things for your partners, someone you like and friends, but not with the higher ups, because Saturn is T-squaring the Moon and the Sun at the Libra Full moon. If you want to say something to the higher ups, wait until after April 15th. Keep demonstrating how valuable you are. Arians in relationships will be challenged in a way that will move you both to the next stage, a big idea can come out of this challenge that can improve combined finances. Single Arians will be super social and meeting new people, however, you may need to let go of a person you thought was a potential partner. This person could be holding you back from having the relationship you are truly looking for. For many single Arians, March may not be the month for finding that special relationship, but it can be the month to plant the seed.

3 /1 – Full Moon in Virgo in your 6th house, involves your work, health and service to others. Today is a good day to work on a better exercise program. Today could also be a good day to consider making changes to your work area. Look at how you are contributing to society, consider volunteering to a cause you believe in.

3 /5 – There could be a situation that comes out of the blue, that may need your immediate attention. This day will help you know your own capacity and bravery.

3 /6 – Venus and Mercury enter Aries – This combination makes you attractive and full of magnetism. A superb day for single Aries looking for love. The energy of Mercury will have you percolating with new ideas. I highly recommend that you record and write down all your ideas.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your sign – The combination of these planetary energies will have you beautifying yourself and making you popular. People will find you attractive and magnetic. This energy may have you going deeper into self-examination and giving you influence over people, making relationships easier.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades in your 8th house – this is the area of “other people’s money”. If you have been already working on a real estate project or financing for your business, today can be the day for it to come thru. However, if you have not been, it would be better for you to wait until after April 15th, to get the best financing. Jupiter and Mercury’s retrograde may hinder your launch and or loans.

3 /12 – A day of celebration, focusing on your emotions, relationships, things will move into the right direction. A very harmonious day for you.

3 /17 – The New Moon in Pisces joins Neptune in your 12th house – A good time to study esoteric teachings for your new spiritual path, your internal growth. This combination of energies is a good time to start a dream journal. The Pisces new moon may bring to light something from your past and help you understand it.

3 /18 – Mars in Capricorn joins Saturn and Pluto in your 10th house – a good time to put energy into your work, this is good energy to get you to “take action” in your outer world, you will want to push ahead your goals, paying it forward as your contribution to society.

3 /20 – The Sun moves into your sign – The light is shinning on you, do something for yourself, pamper yourself, bringing out your self-confidence.

3 /22 – Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, a good time to see how you would like to present yourself, reevaluating how you communicate. Are you being honest and clear? Make sure you double check everything. It could be extra challenging when Mercury retrogrades in your sign.

3 /29 – Not the best day for planning. Avoid any new beginnings or starts. No signing of anything. By the end of the day you may receive good news from a higher up.

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 7th house and then Venus moves into Taurus – This is all about your relationships. Maybe something will come to a head or fruition, maybe it is time to change relationships, or to change your emotional attitude towards your relationships. Bringing action to what you love and value, your money and resources.

Numerology # 1- New beginnings, the initiating force, striving forward and progress ambition, will power and self-reliance.

Crystals – Moldivite, protection from negative situations. Prosperity and help with decision making. Tiger eye – finances, career and prosperity.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Manifestation, Power, Poderosa and Abundance



The first weeks of March is going to have a polarization of wanting to be practical and dreamy. The month begins with a Virgo Full Moon, you could get involved or you are currently working on a creative project that could grow your life and business. Utilize this Full Moon in Virgo to declutter your life, the more organized you are the better your projects will go. March will bring your attention to romance so take a chance of putting yourself out there, it is also about creative self-expression, and having fun. On March 17th, the coupling of the Sun in Pisces and Neptune will make this New Moon very dreamy. It can be challenging with this Pisces Sun and Neptune energy, because, this energy can pull you into the fantasy world oppose to being practical and detailed. You will want to listen to your intuition the most around this challenge. The New Moon and Chiron are in Pisces in your 11th house of friendships, networks, hopes and wishes. Chiron will bring out pains and fears in these areas of your life. This combination of energy is asking you to heal anything broken with your friendships and networks. It would be best to start with yourself, love you more than the need for approval of others. Be there for you, focus on your goals. Tell yourself “Yes, you can do it”. March 31st will be a revealing full moon. Saturn is going to show you what is really going on with those you are working with and what they have and have not been doing. Those who are coupled, will possibly get great financial news from their partners. Single Taurians, Go out, Go out, Go out. An unexpected situation could come up that will help you free your self from the fear of relating to others.

3 /1- Full Moon in Virgo in your 5th house – this has to do with the child within, your business, your creativity – a romance may come to fruition, maybe you need to make changes in this area, train yourself to enjoy more playfulness in your life.

3 /2 – Today is dreamy and emotional. Childhood memories will surface, emotional moments throughout the day. You will reflect often into the past.

3 /6 -Venus and Mercury enter Aries that is going to bring your attention to what is behind the scenes. A good time to meditate, be at the beach, have some play time. Have a spiritual connection with source. Venus in Aries can bring out the passion and having a secret love affair. Maybe you are building a new project and you don’t want others to know.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your 12th house – a great time for any internal study, or studying with energy or vibrations, anything unseen, taking a pause in your life. Learning a lot more of what makes you tick.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades in your area of relationships, a past relationship coming back, taking time with current relationships, can have many admirers. People want to connect with you, feeling popular.

3 /13 – Sun trines Jupiter – could be a good day for connecting with others, friends, groups that you belong to, others are reaching out to you. There could be a huge turning point in your life. An unexpected situation that could turn you into a different direction.

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joining Neptune in your 11th house – new beginnings with friendships, maybe an existing friendship turns into a closer friendship, giving online courses, taking a webinar, about connecting more with others on a community level

3 /18 – Mars enters Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto in your 9th house – a good time for long distance traveling, putting energy into your spiritual direction, good time for studying a language. Interest in higher education. to expand consciousness, to market your products and services, gain new skills

3 /20 – Sun enters Aries in your 12th house – find ways to let go of what stresses you. ready for a new beginning, detox yourself.

3 /22 – Mercury retrogrades in your 12th house – listening to the silence between the words, great opportunity for some deep introspection. Venus will be challenged by Pluto that can bring up a money issue with your partner. Make sure you are listening and clear with your communications.

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 6th house and then your ruler Venus moves into your sign – maybe some changes needing to be made with your career, your work area, changes with your diet and exercise. If you have been working on something it may come into fruition may be re-working projects. Be patient with the process with others. Venus in your sign can help with smoothing things over with others, be the peace maker, the negotiator.

Numerology #8 – Own your power, your financial situations is promising. You will receive a very spiritual message.

Crystals – Tigers eye for protection and prosperity. Green Aventurine for prosperity and contemplation.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Love thyself, Abundance, Intuition, Poderosa and Focus



March starts with a Full Moon in Virgo, an excellent time to reduce clutter, and to expand your creative self-expression. March will open doors to higher realms of consciousness and tap into your creativity, your spirituality and triggering your imagination. This month your spirit guides will be guiding you and sending you messages. Make sure in March you spend time in meditation to receive these messages. March can have you feeling nostalgic and connecting with people from your past. Venus will trine Jupiter this month, which in astrology means that the powers involved are in harmony, so that they stimulate one another to increase activity and success. For you, Gemini, this means great positive energy in reaching new areas of your career, having the higher ups notice you, being in the spotlight receiving recognition. Chiron and the New moon in Pisces will bring out your insecurities and fears. Chiron will help you to build that strong foundation within yourself, like, self-respect and self-worth. Chiron the wounded healer will give you the power to move past any emotional pain. Visualize yourself achieving what it is you want, so you are aligning yourself with your dreams. Believe your dreams coming true and they will happen. The last part of March will be the best time to look for work and for attaining achievements within your career. Geminis in relationships will have big visions, trust each other to make the right decision. This vision you do together will have a great impact on your finances. For single Geminis, this month will be more for connecting with people and having fun, not so much a month for finding that “special one”.

3 /1 – Full Moon in Virgo will be in your 4th house – sometimes this can cause restlessness, wanting a change, something may come up with a family member. This energy can bring up memories from the past.

3 /2 – A realization may come to the surface in regards of having to let go of this stage of your life, to enable you to move on.

3 /6 – Venus and Mercury enter Aries, having you to focus on your goals and where you network, the money you make from your business or the organization you work for. If you are going to launch anything, business or creative, do it before the 22nd or wait till after April 15th

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus join Uranus in your 11th house – a good time for friendships, connecting with new people, use this energy to connect with a meaningful cause. A friendship can become something more. You may want to join a spiritual group. A time of recognition and power.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades – this could have you reflecting on your work habits, going within regarding health and life styles

3 /13 – Mercury will be squared by Saturn and that can create delays and frustration on a goal you are trying to reach or launch. Saturn may be showing you something you didn’t know or missed.

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joining Neptune in your 10th house – new beginnings in your career, maybe move to a different office, a new position, promotion, maybe take your life into a new direction. This affects your reputation, destiny, profession and what you do in the world. The world is looking at you.

3 /18 – Mars enters Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto in your 8th house – get anything financial sorted. Taxes and debts. Mars is helping you to act, just do it. Putting notice on intimacies, who you trust. There is an indication of jealousy because of your success. Let go of those who are not supportive or are feeling resentful.

3 /20 – The Sun moves into Aries in your 11th house – visions, dreams and wishes coming true. Time to bring your creativity into the world, consider building a vision board.

3 /22 – Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house – an old friend may come back into your life. May reconnect with an old organization. May need a spring cleaning with your internet friends.

3 /29 – This is not a good day for signing documents or negotiations. If you have no choice but to sign or start something, use the crystal Moldivite to protect you from negative energies.

3 /31 – Full Moon in Libra in your 5th house and then Venus moves into Taurus – bringing fun to the forefront, a need for more lightness in your life. Bring your energies up, start or grow a business. Libra is your sister sign and brings action to romance for you. If you are moving into a new relationship, take your time, do your research per say. Coupled Geminis may have a few challenges, make sure you are listening to each other and on the same page.

Numerology # 7 – manifesting and manifestation in time and space, good fortune.

Crystals – Moldivite to keep the negative vibrations at bay. Peridot to attract money and help the career.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Manifestation, Balance, Courage and Potency.



The Virgo Full moon will activate short distance traveling, speaking, writhing and teaching. It will shine on the areas of communications and conversations. The Sun in Pisces coupled with Neptune is opposing the Virgo Full Moon. The Sun and Neptune Trines Cancer and Jupiter Trines Mercury and Venus in Pisces creating a grand water trine with any planets that you have in Cancer like your Sun, Moon or Rising and then Virgo sextile Cancer. What does this all mean? This energy puts you in a frame of mind that what used to bother you, doesn’t any more. You are in the flow, just roll with it, if problems come up, you are not letting it get to you. All this energy has you concentrating on getting what you want and fulfilling your desires. Go for an adventure with your partner or find a travel buddy and travel for pleasure or work. The universe is encouraging you to obtain new skills so that you can make more money. This energy is for expanding your consciousness and marketing your products and services to the world. The vibrations will stimulate your spirituality, your truth, your wisdom and what you believe. The Sun and the Moon is coupled with Chiron the wounded healer and Jupiter Trines this New Moon in Pisces one of your sister signs. Chiron is working with you in a very positive way to enable you to become your best self. Chiron will flush out your wounds and hurts. This energy will inspire you to believe and stand up for yourself, help uplift you and move you past your insecurities and fears. It may sound daunting however by the end of March you will have become the fullest expression of who you are. During this time, you should take notice that your partner could be reflecting characteristics of yourself that you were not aware of, this will help you make the necessary changes to keep the harmony in the relationship and in the home. At the Libra Full Moon, Coupled Cancerians may have some challenges with their partners. Single Cancerians looking for Love, it’s about your past life relationships, meeting them again in this time of your life.

3 /1- Full Moon in Virgo in your 3st house – affects how you communicate. You may need more clarity on the way you speak to others. Are you listening well enough to others? Are you being heard? A good day for networking. You may be thinking about what you would like to learn, study, teach and share with others. An interest in writing or publishing.

3 /5 – You could have an encounter with someone from your past that had a positive impact for you. Use this day for signing and negotiating.

3 /6 – Venus and Mercury moves into Aries which brings action into your destiny, your purpose your reputation, your outward contribution to society and your profession in the world.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your 10th house. could bring good news about your career or good fortune. Maybe you have an important message you want to share with others. Your general interactions with your daily connectedness with others or animals. Explore your outer world and talk to strangers.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades – Jupiter is in your sister sign, Scorpio – this is in your area of romance, true love and creative self- expression. This energy could bring back someone from your past. Perhaps an opportunity to repair past lives relationships. Maybe a reunion with a past life soul mate relationship that was interrupted, and you get to complete that cycle in this life.

3 /13 – Saturn will square Venus – A challenge rises with a person in authority, state your case. Explain your position and why you have this position. Let them know you value to the position you have.

3 /15 – You will feel changes today. Today is the day you could make that big decision. A very spiritual day.

3 /17 – The New Moon joins Neptune in your 9th house- a day for planning a trip somewhere new. You may want to take your education to a new level. This energy will tap into your spiritualty and give you the opportunity to teach others the lessons you have learned in life.

3 /18 – Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in your 7th house – is it time to move on, is it time to make shifts. Use this energy for straight speaking and action. If you like someone tell them straight forward. Mars is about action.

3 /21 – The Sun moves into Aries in your 10th house – Shinning a light on your destiny and purpose. This day is about becoming aware and more conscious of your environment, light up so others can be drawn to you.

3 /22 – Mercury retrogrades – you may want to rethink about what you do for work. Might meet someone from your past like an old boss or a co-worker. If you are traveling, make sure you double check everything. Double check all forms of communication.

3 /29 – You could receive a message, information or news that will be of great value.

3 /31 – Full Moon in Libra in your 4th house and then Venus moves into Taurus, – you may want to move or want to move your furniture around. Explore different options in dealings with your home. Something to do with your family. The full moon in Libra is being opposed by the Sun and Mercury, this can bring out challenges with other people at work. This is a time to slow down, know what you’re doing, you could lose the battle and the war. Saturn could be telling you that you may need to change personal and business relationships. Venus in Taurus will show you the value you contribute to the relationship.

Numerology # 8 – Your finances are going to greatly improve, self-empowerment, business and career.

Crystals – Carnelian – for back issues,

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – MamaSana, Passion, Love thy Self, Courage and Abundance.



This month you will focus on how you use your resources, talents, gifts and abilities to move you up to the next level. The full moon in Virgo wants you to be practical and firm, however The Sun and Neptune coupled in Pisces will be your challenge this month. This combined energy will make you feel like your head is in the clouds and your imagination will be on over drive. You may feel a bit drained in the beginning of this month due to the Sun and Neptune coupling, Neptune tends to pull energy away from the Sun which is your ruling planet. Do not try to push on through your tiredness, take cat naps in between your projects or your daily routines. The Jupiter trine to Venus and Mercury during the Virgo full moon will be inspirational for you. It indicates money coming in from other people, maybe some of you are doing a real estate or home business that is going to take off. Chiron coupling with the Moon and the Sun, can bring out your insecurities or perceived failings. Chiron brings these feelings to the surface to help you gain your courage to move through it. Chiron makes this healing for you important because it empowers your self-respect and self-worth. Being a fire sign, you may want to know why others are not moving fast enough, this may mean it is time for you to slow down. Especially with the retrogrades happening. Be patient if you experience delays. The Virgo Full Moon is activating your money flow, but, with Mercury going retrograde on the 22nd, may slow down that income flow. The good news is it will pick up again after the 15th of April. During those three weeks of retrograde, make your intentions to receive and the money will keep flowing. Single Leo’s, get yourself out there, the opportunity for romance is amazing. Couples that are having problems, an end may come to site or finding a solution to strengthen the relationship.

3 /1 – Full Moon in Virgo in your 2nd house – Something is coming into fruition. The possibility of money coming to you or you may have to make changes about your finances. This full moon is about your self- worth, your confidence and bringing you back to your center. Say all the things you are thankful for.

3 /4 – The Sun merges with Neptune – A karma day, let go of any grudges you are holding onto. Letting go will allow a soul rebirth. Take a time out and take a trip. may feel really tired this day, take some time to rest in between your daily routines.

3 /6 – Mercury and Venus moves into Aries – Aries is you sister sign, this energy is good for adventure, exploring, or for taking a class that fascinates you. Use today to expands your horizons, open you up to new ideas and for inspiration.

3 /8 – Jupiter goes retrograde – You may experience delays. No worries, it is just the universe telling you this may not be the right thing for you to do.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus joins Saturn in your 9th house – great time for travel, going or planning a trip. A jaunt away could blossom a romance. Use this energy for writing, publishing and for progressing your spiritual path. Do something that nurtures your soul.

3 /13 – Sun Trines Jupiter this could be a very lucky serendipitous day. Everything falls into place.

3 /16 – Someone from your past will want to reconnect with you today.

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joins the Sun and Neptune in your 8th house – a good time to explore metaphysics, psychology or channeling. Today is about going deeper within yourself. Try new projects with another person or group. Pisces brings action into the area of intimacies, shared resources, other peoples resources, money owed to you, tax, banking and insurance payouts.

3 /18 – Mars moves into Capricorn joining Pluto and Saturn in your 6th house – put energy into your health, build some resilience, change your diet. Today, put more energy into work and career. Do acts of kindness and help others. Move into a new area of work.

3 /21 – Sun enters Aries in your 9th house – helping you have a wider perspective in your life. Don’t’ get lost today in the daily details. Today could be an encounter of love at first sight.

3 /22 – Mercury goes retrograde in your 9th house – now is a good time to rethink, rewrite, maybe go back to something you were previously working on, revising re-assessing studying what you have done before.

3 /28 – The uncertainties you felt in the past can have a light shed on how to move forward and regain your courage. You will find peace and newly found calmness.

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 3rd house and then Venus enters Taurus – Have you been clear in your communications? Are you listening well enough? Become more aware of how you communicate. Organize your paper work. Think about who you can connect with on a level that you can learn from one another. A good day to learn something new.

Numerology # 6 – enjoying your life, focusing on love and life.

Crystals – Green Aventurine being in touch with your spirituality, intuition and growth progress.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Courage, Abundance, Creativity and Heart.



This is going to be a very busy month. This month’s message is poor planning will lead to failure, take small steps towards your success. Discipline everyday to get up and be intentional in your business and personal life. You will be aiming for success this month and you will want to stay focused to get the job done. The Virgo full moon will be making a grand earth trine with Pallas Athena the asteroid, goddess of wisdom, truth and strategy and Saturn in Capricorn. Having Pallas Athena at your side would be a great time to initiate your strategies into motion. Saturn in Capricorn will discipline you to stay focused on succeeding and achieving your goals, motivating you to reach the next level. In March, Jupiter will trine Mercury and Venus during the Virgo Full Moon and then trine Chiron and the New Moon in Pisces on the 17th. You’re in a strong position for people to hear your messages, what you communicate will inspire people to help and support you. Jupiter’s trine can empower you to be well received with your messages, blogs, articles etc. Jupiter’s trine to the New Moon will affect your public relationships, marriage and partnerships. This is the time to think about overhauling your friendships and partnerships, anyone that will help you move up to the next level. Mars enters Capricorn, activating your romantic relationships and creative self-expression, be more purposeful with your creative projects. The heavens letting you know that it is time for risk taking, your emotions and finances will improve through your hard work. GO for it! Launch whatever you want at the beginning of the month, even before Jupiter retrogrades on March 8th. On March 22nd, Mercury retrogrades in the 8th house of outside resources. No buying of any electronics, be more conscious of how you communicate, DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING YOU DO, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.” Mercury is Virgo and Gemini’s ruling Planet; these signs are the most sensitive to Mercury’s vacation breaks. If you experience any delays, take it as a sign the universe is telling you to wait. The universe has lined up an ample amount of energy to help you succeed, it will benefit all areas of your life be patient. In March make time for moments in solitude. The quiet will help to make sense of the messages you will receive. March is going to be a significant month for those who are single and coupled. Couples may encounter an end if they are unhappy or an opportunity to heal relationships that are hurting. Single Virgos could meet someone through someone they know that could ignite a fabulous romance.

3/1 Full Moon in Virgo in the 1st house – this day is about you and the balance of what you are giving and taking. Good time to look at how you feel about yourself emotionally. Are you getting in touch with your essence or bringing the hidden parts of you out into the open?

3 /2 – The energies are going to be just right for you to start a new deal or negotiations. Focus on letting go what no longer serves you. Make important decisions on this day. Emerging great ideas.

3 /4 – The Sun is coupled with Neptune – this is a day to do more with your spirituality, intuition and creativity.

3 /6 – Mercury and Venus move into Aries – if you are single and attracted to someone let them know. A strong empowering day that will encourage you to take that big step forward. An optimistic new prospect that is coming through. You are on the right track. Expect an unusual omen or message to come to you.

3/7 – Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your 8th house– can bring out deeper or deepening a relationship, exploring intimacies, how can you open yourself up to bring people closer to you. Someone may want to invest in you or help you, may get a sponsorship, get a grant, might get into a collaborative partnership, a spouse or partner may get good news about a job or of finances

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades in communications, use this time to go within and cater to your inner spiritual journey.

3 /11 – The Sun will form a trine to Jupiter and Jupiter will trine Chiron in your area of relationships. A stellar day for relationships. People will want to support, promote and help you. Someone may apologize to you, allow them the time and space to do so.

3 /13 – A nostalgic feeling. Some of you may have connections from and with the past.

3/17 – A New Moon in Pisces in your 7th house – open yourself to new kinds of relationships. Making changes within can initiate changes to an existing relationship, The Sun and Moon is coupled with Chiron the wounded healer, this energy promotes healing to any past hurts in your relationships.

3/18 – Mars enters Capricorn joining Pluto and Saturn in your 5th house – Bringing out and igniting the creative spirit in you. Stop analyzing the things you want to do and manifest these thoughts into action. The energy today activates romantic relationships and creative self-expression. Take a risk today and be more intentional with your creative projects. Go after your desires.

3/21- The Sun moves into Aries in your 8th house – how are you functioning with the inner workings of your mind. Use today to really look at what you believe and say to yourself. Reexamine your thinking patterns, especially with your finances. See and know your special value, honor the uniqueness you bring to this world.

3/31- A Full Moon in Libra in your 2nd house and then Venus enters Taurus – your finances are going to change. Something may come to fruition or you may receive a bonus or gift or a project may give you that pay off you have been waiting for. This is fantastic, because, some of you have debts to pay off. The planets are in harmony with you, stay out of other people’s stuff, don’t let their stuff distract you from your focus and success. You are being supported by the planets, they are promoting you to success, so be careful how you manage you time.

Numerology # 3 – The creative child, the need to express feelings, ideas and visions. # 3 resonates with optimism, compassion, manifestation and psychic ability.

Crystals – Carnelian will help with balance. Hemitite for grounding and decision making.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Focus, Passion, Creativity, Manifestation, Balance and Courage



March will have you feeling strong and empowered. This month is for you to be more assertive and to stand up for yourself. March wants you to be intentional with what you want in your personal and work life. March will reveal who people really are and not what you want them to be. Once you see these people for who they truly are, don’t hope they will change, see the truth and act accordingly. Many Libra’s this month may be upgrading their social circles, friends and people they work with, especially if you are a boss. Mercury’s retrograde on the 22nd will affect communications, people will say a great deal and make promises, however, pay more attention to what they do and not what they say. Neptune’s opposition to the Virgo Full Moon will bring action and clarity to your work and projects behind the scenes. If you are feeling tired or rundown in the first few days, it is because both the Sun and Neptune are coupled in Pisces, in your 6th house, this will put attention to your health and lifestyle, zapping the energy right out of you. Be sure to take time to rest and rejuvenate. Use this Piscean energy to go to the water and let it take you to dream time, escape reality for a little while. Venus is in positive energy flow with Jupiter at the Virgo full moon in your area of work, this could bring a financial bonus through the work you do. Your mantra for March is “My intention is to receive”. The month of March puts you on call to keep balance with work and your personal life. Chiron and the New Moon will be in Pisces on the 17th, this energy may put notice onto any health issue and/or relationships at work, these will be important issues that need addressing. It is ideal for single Libras looking for love to look or start something before Jupiter goes retrograde in the 8th, in your area of relationships. This energy can have you encountering a past life love returning. Libra couples need to communicate with their partners, you both need to be on the same page with money, especially if a problem arises. Many couples this month will experience huge changes in the home. It would be a tremendous benefit to ask for council if you come across any major problems in March.

3 /1- Full Moon in Virgo in your 12th house – now it is about you looking at what is inside of you, your inner journey – keep a dream journal during this full moon. A good time to explore what is in the unseen realms, some things from your past may come up.

3/ 5 – An amazing day to focus on your home and personal finances. Could come into an inheritance.

3 /6 – Venus and Mercury enter Aries – bringing action to relationships, Venus is your ruling planet making you sensitive and active in communication and relationships. A financial matter may come up.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus enters your 7th house, this is your ruling house. This will have you scrutinizing your partnerships. Are you receiving what you need. Possibly a romantic meeting. a good time for having communications with personal and work partnership/relationship.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades in your area of self -worth, self- appreciation, inner and outer resources and what you love and value. This is a time to reflect on what is it that you want for this month and this year. Listen to your soul, it knows what is best for you.

3 /13 – Sun will Trine Jupiter – a day you may get a bonus from work, feeling good about yourself and your health.

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joining Neptune in your 6th house – a time to look at your physical health, start a new exercise program. Can bring you a job or put your work into a new direction. Becoming aware of what new creative thing you can do. Show what you can do for someone else that will make you feel as though you are being valuable in some way.

3 /18 – Mars enters Capricorn and joins Pluto and Saturn in your 4th house -this vibration will put focus on making changes in the home. Getting repairs done, decluttering. Take notice of your work and personal relationships. This energy could bring a restlessness that leads to a need to take a trip somewhere. An amazing life change can happen for you on this day. May encounter a gentled vibe person that will give you the advice you need.

3 /20 – The Sun enters Aries in your 7th house – sending its rays into your relationship, how you can bring more balance into your relationships, what is it exactly that you want in your relationships, being more honest with your relationships. How you are communicating what you are sharing

3 /22 – Mercury goes retrograde in your area of relationships. If you are in a partnership, business, or personal. The momentum will slow down. Everything will pick up after April 15th. The actions of those around you will show you what is really going on.

3/ 31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 1st house and then Venus enters Taurus – this energy is for you to start balancing out all your relationships. Dedicating yourself to what it is that you need and want emotionally from your personal and work life. Shed a light into your hidden areas and show people more of your vulnerable side. Go by what is true for you, set your boundaries or put them in their place. Mars and Saturn will T-Square each other, this will bring out the warrior in you, make sure you pick your battles wisely. Don’t waste your time on what no longer works or matters.

Numerology # 1- coming into your personal Power. Your finances will greatly improve.

Crystals – Hemite – good to relax from anxiety and for grounding. Tiger eye – for prosperity and to attract success.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Acceptance, Healing, Balance, Abundance, Poderosa, Grounding, Intuition and Protection.



Your theme for March is “Ask and you shall receive.” This month will be an amazing awakening. The Full Moon in Virgo brings action to your 11th house of hopes and wishes. The focus for you will be on your goals, your friends and networks. This full moon vibration can bring sudden luck and sudden opportunity. The asteroid, *Pallas Athena (The Goddess of Wisdom, Truth and Strategy) is in Taurus, which is part of the *Grand Earth Trine along with the Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn. This superpower of earth energy will ground your relationships and strengthen how you communicate. Neptune is coupled with the Sun and opposing the New Moon, it’s about being practical and intuitive. Allow yourself to be open to divine inspiration by connecting with your subconscious. Utilize this full moon to clarifying your goals and to know what you want to accomplish in March and for the year 2018. At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus will activate your creative self-expression and romance. Mercury and Venus are *trine to Jupiter in your 1st house and Jupiter is in your sign! Wow, what a lotta luck. Your heart is full and feeling very happy, maybe falling in love or you’re pouring this energy into your work and creativity. The message for this month is not to push but to request what you desire from others, if you press your impatience onto others, this can push them away, let them come to you. You can have a windfall on any of these days, 1st, 13th and the 17th. The New Moon and Chiron in Pisces will help you identify your sense of purpose, to come into your power, to let your work and character speak for itself. You will experience an incredible healing with this combined energy. Mars will enter Capricorn on the 17th, this will affect your area of communication, it will not be difficult to speak your mind or your truth, plus Capricorn will *sextile Scorpio, this aspect will empower how to articulate your message and solidify your position. March will have people learning that you are a force to be reckoned with. Coupled Scorpios may hear good financial news about their partner’s income, this news can have a positive impact on your wealth. This is an excellent time for couples to take a trip to the water and enjoy one another. If you are a single Scorpio, you may not find a serious relationship when Venus and Mercury move into Aries. Some singles could meet someone who is very physically attracted to them and may even share an intense sexual chemistry, however, this encounter will be more for flirting and having fun.

3 /1- A Full Moon in Virgo in your 11th house – Lucky lotto day! Open your heart a little and meet new people that you could connect with on an emotional level. Use today to make changes in your networks, friendships and online communities.

3 /3 – a powerful day from the moment you wake up. Focus and write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Today, your subconscious has powerful information for you. An amazing idea could come up that has to do with your happiness. This will be a very fertile day for those trying to have a baby.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus join Uranus in your 6th house – focusing on your health and well-being. Do something nice and pamper yourself. You could get good news about that job. Perhaps, think about how you could be of service to others.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades – exercise your inner journey. if you were waiting on money for a financial plan or project, it could come today, if it doesn’t, be patient. Trust in the Universe.

3 /13 – The Sun trines Jupiter – Lucky lotto day! Venus *squares Saturn today, take notice of those who may try to take advantage of you, allow your instincts to guide you.

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joins the Sun and Neptune in your 5th house – A superior day for self-love, a romance or to start a new business. Lucky lotto day!

3 /18 – Mars joins Pluto and Saturn in your 3rd house – a favorable time for learning and studying something new, writing or publishing.

3 /21 – The Sun enters Aries in your 6th house –A superb day to learn self- healing. You may want to reassess your work and catch up with paper work.

3 /22 – Mercury retrogrades in your 6th house – All is about timing right now, it will not be favorable to launch anything new after today, it will be best to wait until after April 15th. Life will slow down, and your work relationships may be challenged, make sure everyone is on the same page as you. Also, remember to double check everything.

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 12th house and then Venus enters Taurus – Press the pause button and connect with nature and the “unseen”, enjoy a bit of solitude. Your work relationships will be tested. The universe could be reminding you to make changes with what is not working for you. Keep a dream journal close by because you could experience vivid visionary dreams. Maybe learn or delve deeper into your astrological chart.

Numerology #6 – your health and finances are going to greatly improve.

Crystals – Citrine and Moldivite for protection from all sorts of negative energy. Attracts wealth.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Focus, Healing, Balance, Abundance, Power, Protection, Heart and Manifestation.


In the beginning of March, the strategies you have made in your area of work, your talents, your gifts, your destiny, money and your profession, are getting enormous support from the universe. The Sun and Neptune’s coupling with Venus and Mercury, all in Pisces is more for escaping and creativity. Why not escape watching a movie or reading a book. The Virgo Full Moon may be a practical moon, but it’s energy is also very spiritual, trust your intuition in March, because it is going to be at its peak. Even though, Jupiter your ruling planet will retrograde on the 8th, it will still radiate great things to happen for you behind the scenes. During this retrograde, the higher ups will still take notice of you, leading to more money, promotion or getting a bonus, Yay!!! This vibration of Jupiter would be an appropriate time to finish projects or just be at home in your sacred space. You should spend time with nature, go to the water and listen to your spirit self to get answers for the important decisions you need to make. The New Moon and Chiron in Pisces energy can bring out your insecurities and fears, Chiron will help you heal this, help you focus on your self-worth, self-respect, your character and your career. Mars, Pluto and Saturn will be in Capricorn in your area of resources, investments and money, as the saying goes “the more you hustle the more you earn”. If you have any issues with money, for instance, a surprise expense comes up, Jupiter will help you resolve it. Mercury will retrograde on the 22nd, in your area of true love, romance and creative self-expression. Use Mercury’s vibration for working on your personal foundation. Don’t forget to double check everything, like, travel and all areas of communications. Make sure you are having fun with what you are doing, be proactive and productive. Couples should take advantage of this months’ energy and take a trip or be happy at home having fun together. Single Sagittarians could encounter a past lover or a past life soul mate that returns new in this life. If you want to launch anything new, do it before the 8th, or do it after April 15th.

3 /1 – A Full Moon in Virgo in your 10th house – changes or things coming to fruition in your career. Think about what is in your heart? what is your passion? what needs to change in your career. Changes with the people you interact with in your daily life.

3 /6 – Mercury and Venus enter Aries – you are in the mood for love, you will be hunting for your perfect lover, you should explore new areas to find your love. Great for creative self-expression.

3 /7 – Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your 5th house – Could bring a sudden stroke of luck – A romantic day. Go ahead and start anything entrepreneurial

3 /13 – Sun Trine Jupiter – a very lucky day for you, play the lotto

3 /17 – New Moon in Pisces joins The Sun and Neptune in your 4th house – something new happening with a family member, new beginnings in your environment, might be moving home, changing your surroundings. Time for cleaning the air around you. smudging

3 /18 – Mars joins Pluto and Saturn in your 2nd house – act upon your finances, what can you do to change it, maybe it is time to pay off debt. A very intuitive day, pay attention to your dreams.

3 /21 – The Sun enters Aries in the 5th house – time for playfulness, encouraging romance, good time to re-evaluate the kind of joy you are bringing in your life

3 /26 – If you must negotiate or sign papers, pick this day. The universe will be on your side.

3 /31 – Full Moon in Libra in your 11th house and then Venues enters Taurus in your area of what you love and value. These vibrations are putting focus on your friendships and your online network communities. Maybe it’s time to start a webinar or take an online course, good time to connect with like minded people. You may notice a shift in friendships, prepare to release and let go and allow something different to come in. Could be time for you to upgrade your groups on the internet.

Numerology # 8 – Your finances are going to get better. Your personal empowerment will grow.

Crystals – Tiger eye- good for protection, prosperity and decision making – Carnelian – great for relationships, making you feel good and calm. Helps for expression,

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Poderosa, Protection, Abundance, Heart, Bliss, Passion and Intuition



What an amazing month, your ideas will surge through your brain readying you for new relationships, opportunities and adventure. March kicks off with Neptune opposing the Virgo Full Moon and coupling with The Sun on March 4th. This will put a challenge on communication and conversation and Neptune can cloud your thinking and have you forgetting to write down those fabulous ideas, stay focused and write it down. Then, there will be a Grand earth trine that can help you envision and manifest the way you want your life to be. With this energy, you can make reality any business start- up or creative project. On March 8th, Jupiter’s retrograde will have you examining your beliefs of how you attain money and how your dreams can come true, if your current beliefs are holding you back, then maybe it’s time to change them. Pisces and Scorpio sextile your sign, bringing in a financial increase from a business you own or the organization you work for. Pluto, Mars and Saturn will be in your sign, encouraging you to charge forward. There will be no stopping you! These planets can make you a bit aggressive, so, be polite, adding grace and politeness will seal the deal. On March 17th, be more empathic and emotionally intelligent during the New Moon and Chiron in Pisces. This forewarns you to be careful with your speech, it will not be intentional, but what you could say can be taken wrong or hurt someone’s feelings or push buttons. Mercury retrograde on the 22nd will affect your foundation and home, make sure you double check your work, emails, travel plans, etc. Before you engage in any arguments, ask yourself if it’s going to matter in 3 months, if not. Let it go. Stay on course and reign in your impulses by meditating and connecting with spirit. Mercury and Venus will move into Aries on March 6th, it would be good for Single Capricorns to let that person know you are interested.

3 /1- Full Moon in Virgo in your 9th house – gives you a wider perspective and wanting more meaning in your life. Feelings within will come to light, possibly arousing a spiritual journey.

3 /7- Mercury and Venus joins Uranus in your 4th house –beautify your home. Do something nice with your family. A good time for a heart to heart, compromises and understandings can be made. Some will experience a problem coming to an end.

3 /13 – Sun trines Jupiter. Pisces and Scorpio are sextiling you on this day. One of your most fabulous days for writing, speaking or creating.

3 /17- New Moon in Pisces joins the Sun and Neptune in your 3rd house – Work on new ways to communicate. Begin learning something new. Connect with new people and start new networks. An opportunity to write and share information. Use today’s amazing energy for money and dream manifesting.

3 /18 Mars enters Capricorn in your 1st house – an energy boost, act on making a change with your physical self and your personal self. You can achieve and accomplish a great deal today.

3 /20 The Sun enters Aries in your 4th house – shedding more light on your family or maybe you need to spend more peace and quiet in solitude at home, working on your spiritual journey.

3 /23 Venus will be squared by Pluto, you may be obsessed with buying everything, be careful, only spend what you NEED, not what you want. Keep your receipts, because Mercury will be retrograde at this time too.

3 /31 A Full Moon in Libra in your 10th house and then Venus enters Taurus – Centering attention on your career, something you’ve been working on comes into fruition. Open yourself to those you interact with, expand and learn new skills to enhance your career. This energy will influence your reputation, character, career, and destiny. Get good council about your projects if you come across any problems. Be intuitive with your business relationships because they will be tested.

Numerology # 4 – The place you call home, both physical and emotional. A realization of power, to use practical thinking. Prepare for renewal.

Crystal – Moldivite – for protection, abundance and to help with decision making.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Intuition, Protection, Manifestation, Balance and Creativity.



What is happening to your universe? March is about getting your power back and rewards. The Virgo full moon brings you deeper into the mysteries and messages will come from your higher self, strangers, friends and animals. You will receive insight from other dimensions and if you are hearing messages more than once, it is the universe speaking to you. LISTEN. There is a lot of growth happening within that is causing you internal turmoil. This energy may confuse you into thinking it is an external problem, making you target those on the outside, when in fact it’s more of an internal problem. Be conscious of what is pushing your buttons. You will receive insights into your life’s direction, career, resources and business. March will be a strong month for those who make their money in investments, just make sure you do your research. On March 1st and the 17th, there is an opportunity for financial gain and/or a surprise bonus. Sagittarius will sextile your sign, adding even more positive harmonious flow to all areas of your life. If you are going to launch anything new, it is best to do so after April 15th. On March 17th, we have the New Moon and Chiron in Pisces, this is an emotional and financial healing opportunity. This energy may bring up past hurts or self-perceived failures in your area of work, this is good, because, Chiron will teach you to let your character and work speak for its self. You may have the energy and courage to pick up projects you thought were not working. At this time, Chiron will give a better chance for you to heal any past hurts or memories. This month couples could have their strength tested in home, family and finances, however, this test will help create a new way to handle these situations. Single Aquarians’ could encounter romance out of the blue and be swept off their feet. By the end of March, your will feel more enlightened and your finances will be in a better place.

3 /1- Full Moon in Virgo in your 8th house – A fitting day to make changes to your finances, taxes and debts. Your partners finances may have something coming into fruition and/or you could be getting yourself involved in a business partnership. This day will shed light on intimacies, like, who can you trust? If you want to get closer to someone, show your vulnerability and who you really are.

3 /4 – A person from the past may come out of the blue and bring with them a crucial message. Today is a good day to plan an unusual journey.

3 /6 – Mercury and Venus enter Aries – This will bring action into your communications and conversations. The Aries energy can put you in a fighting mood, don’t pick fights with people who can’t fight back intellectually, debate with someone who is your equal. Also, make sure you are listening.

3 /7- Mercury and Venus join Uranus in your in 3rd house– a suitable time for thinking, studying and writing.

3 /8 – Jupiter retrogrades – in your area of destiny, reputation and profession. It will slow things down, take this time to evaluate those areas of your life. Reevaluate your strategies.

3/ 13 – Sun trines Jupiter – this could be a splendid day for your finances, you could receive an unexpected cash flow, like a bonus. Perhaps you may want to play the lottery.

3 /17 – The New Moon in Pisces joining the Sun and Neptune in your 2nd house – A significant new beginning with finances, new business idea or even a new job. This energy may have you thinking about how you see your self-worth?

3 /18 – Mars enters Capricorn in your 12th house –  A time to put a pause on the busy world and act on your inner journey. Going to nature and meditating on how to integrate this months’ experiences will be excellent for you. Today’s energy combination is more for focusing on completing projects that are behind the scenes.

3 /20 – The Sun enters Aries in your 3rd house – Act on communicating and connecting with different kinds of people. A person from your past may come back and connect with you.

3 /23 – Mercury goes retrograde in your 3rd house of communication and conversation. It will benefit you to be extra thoughtful before you speak. Double check your texts and emails before sending. A wonderful time for short distance travel. Back up all your info.

3 /29 – A male influential family member could have good news in-regards to your finances. Your creativity will be tested today without your knowledge. No worries you will pass. Despite mercury’s retrograde, today’s energy can be safe to sign or negotiate something important.

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 9th house and then Venus entering Taurus – This will be the outer journey experience, bringing focus to your foundation. Some of you may be going on a long-distance trip or a spiritual retreat to widen your perspective. The energy influence of today may have you argumentative. What is your intention with conversation, are you just blowing off steam, is there something within bothering you and you are taking it out on others? It would be better to take a walk or do a work out and then return to the conversation. Find a councilor or therapist, someone to talk to that is objective and neutral to your situation.

Numerology # 10 – A time for leadership and your Karmic #. Look at what you are putting into the world. March will help you with what you need to learn in this lifetime. A return to unity on a new level.

Crystals – Hemitie, an excellent stone for grounding and decision making.

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Balance, Healing, Focus, Abundance, Poderosa, Heart, Courage, Intuition and Grounding.



Wow Pisces, the heavens are loving you! This is a new beginning with relationships and finances. You will start with 4 planets in your sign: The Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mercury. Then on the 17th you will have the New Moon and Chiron in Pisces. Next, there is a full moon in Virgo that is part of a grand earth trine with the asteroid Pallas Athena (the Goddess of wisdom, truth and strategy) and then there is Saturn in Capricorn. What does this all mean? For some of you, this energy can push a relationship to the next level with more commitment and strength added to your relationships. Don’t be surprised if your partner proposes. The Asteroid Pallas Athena and Saturn in Capricorn, will have your back with a new project or business, giving you a keener eye as to what action to take next. On March 4th, Neptune will merge with the Sun, this energy may have you feeling tired and drained, if so, go rest by the water and relax. On March 8th and 22nd, Jupiter and Mercury will be retrograde, wait until after April 15th if you want to launch anything. Chiron the wounded healer is still in your sign, don’t get caught up on past hurts, relate to the lesson then release it. Chiron’s intention is to empower you and to heal these past hurts. The planets are in awesome harmony with you. Do not allow others to take away from this time of achievement, it is all about focusing on your goals, expanding your universe and business. Get into music, do your art or dance, do whatever makes you feel good. If you are single, you will be oozing with magnetism and charm, this can help you find that wonderful relationship. If you are coupled, you will find yourself moving to the next level. Taurus and Capricorn Sextile, you, which helps you better appreciate your talents. You may put these talents into a new business or project that can improve your financial situation. By the end of March, you will feel more spiritual and proud of your achievements.

3 /1 Full Moon in Virgo in your 7th house of Partnerships – Today’s energy will enable you to see your relationships clearly. A partnership may come into culmination or fruition. This day is going to motivate you to what you want to do next. Some of you may receive a reward, like an inheritance or promotion.

3 /6 Mercury and Venus enter Aries – this will put action into your communications and earning abilities. Today should be the day you focus on what you love and value. Bring action into your talents, gifts and abilities to further your finances.

3 /7 Mercury and Venus joining Uranus in your 2nd house of money and self-esteem. This energy can bring money opportunities unexpectedly, like good news about a promotion, you could receive a gift(s). This energy will have people interested in your services, bringing in more clients.

3 /8 Jupiter retrogrades – This is in your area of long-distance travel, double check EVERYTHING, ticket, email, texts, and really put clear intent in what you communicate.

3/ 13 – The Sun trines Jupiter – this could be an amazing day today. This energy can have you feeling so good, you may want to be careful not to over spending. Buy what you truly need, not what you want.

3 /15 -You could receive an invite to a grand opportunity for advancement. A positive challenge that is a step in the right direction.

3 /17- The New Moon in Pisces joining the Sun and Neptune in your 1st house of Self-interest– Here, is a new beginning to how you want to present yourself. Do a reset button on your appearance. Ask yourself, what do you want to grow into? What is the next stage of your spiritual growth? A renewal of an existing relationship.

3 /18 – Mars enters Capricorn in your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes – Put energy and action into your groups and networks. Be proactive about contacting friends you haven’t seen in a while. A favorable time for putting your goals into action.

3 /20 – The Sun enters Aries in your 2nd house – illuminating on how you are spending and saving money. An excellent moment to look at the things you have accomplished and what makes you feel good about yourself.

3 /23 – Mercury going retrograde in your area of money and resources, make sure you keep your receipts. Practice mindfulness, things can get lost, misplaced. Make sure you back up your info.

3 /28 – This is going to be your “omen, seeing the sign” spiritual day. Pay attention, a day for a lot of messages. This is a very harmonious day for relationships

3 /31 – A Full Moon in Libra in your 8th house and then Venus enters Taurus– This area will show something changing/ coming into fruition with your partners finances. A good time to deal with taxes, insurance and bank situations. There could be discord about money with you and your partner. Don’t be impulsive in your reactions with these talks. Slow down and be intentional with your communication. Your wisdom is being called for you to be the peace maker this time.

Numerology #6 – all about achievement, home and heart, realizations of your love and emotions. Health is going to be great in March.

Crystals – Maldonite, Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian- helps you with negative energies

#Everything Soulful oils to use this month – Protection, Abundance, Focus, Healing, Creativity and Heart.


Pallas Athena – The Goddess of War, Wisdom, Strategy, and Truth, when she is present, she will activate your strategic skills, strengthen your truth, empower your wisdom and remove your fear to fight.

A Grand Trine represents 3 planets in harmony with one another, within one element (earth, fire, water, air), When a Grand Trine is present, it means there are no bounds to the persons’ ability to channel this elemental force. A Grand Earth Trine is the ability to be grounded, down to earth, practical and sensual. This aspect will gift you with the ability to manage your resources very well and pursue your goals without ever giving up.

Trine – Planets in a trine support each other by nature, they are accepting. They allow us to accept ourselves, others and situations. Trines will reveal your “second nature” kind of talents and abilities. These talents can be taken for granted. We sometimes have to be reminded that we even have them. however, once we learn to appreciate them, we grow immensely.

Sextile – this aspect will point out a talent and ease that you have with it, but with more power than a Trine. These are talents you appreciate and are more inclined to notice them and work on them. Sextiles are communicative and relationship-friendly aspects. They point to energies that are capable of being directed. It reveals the potential for intelligent use of energy.

Square – This aspect creates tension between planets and points involved. We may overdo and run into countless obstacles before we get it right. it will force out complacency and get the ball rolling. These aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons.


Horoscopes and Planetary Forecasts are contributed by our very own: Jasmine A. Gonzalez.  Feel free to reach out to her for personal requests including Tarot Readings.