The most momentous astrological event to take place this year is Uranus’s journey into Taurus on May 16th until April 26, 2026. We will feel major shifts within the realms Taurus and Venus rules, such as; food, finances, sensual pleasures, the earth, and authority. Fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo will feel the most challenged because they do not favor change.

To receive Uranus’s full benefits, fixed signs need to be flexible and accepting of change, you must allow the transformation to happen, or it will be forced. Uranus in Taurus can formulate your ideas using practicality and determination in matters related to personal wealth. Uranus will do wonders helping you gain personal freedom if you are experiencing any conflict with new ideas being slow to start or feeling trapped in rules and regulations when you yearn to be free and on your own. To understand this transition better, you must understand both Uranus and Taurus separately.

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Uranus is the planet of awakening, technological advances, invention and humanitarian movements. Uranus brings with it a revolution that ultimately improves human circumstances. Uranus drive us as individuals to be an authority over our own lives and become the voice for the underdog at no matter the cost. Uranus is progressive and intolerant to lifestyles or attitudes that are committed to the past or to old tradition, Uranus makes us more aware of our individuality, feelings of limitation and restriction.

Taurus is the sign that incorporates our relationship with the physical world. This energy inhabits our bodies, the earth, animal, food, possessions, earnings and how we allocate value to these effects. Venus is the governing sign for Taurus that rules over earthly pleasures and sensations of the physical plane and feminism.


The nature of Uranus in Taurus will trigger and modify environmental reform. It will revolutionize woman’s rights, bring forth alternative energy trends and reinvent global economics. This energy will build a new agricultural system that values biodiversity and renew pollinating populaces. An important solution can be created with our local food systems to build new structures and restore dominion to farmers and consumers. For the next 7 years, we will also see new technological influences in our financial systems, changing how we use currency.

Mutable signs Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be less challenged by Uranus in Taurus. These signs embrace change and adapt quickly to innovation.  Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn should feel themselves more whole and have gained their personal power.

Aries – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 2nd house. Think about how you finance and your self-worth. Take calculated risks. Do some soul-searching. Feelings you’ve been brushing aside will no longer be ignored. Take a deeper look at your own psychological and karmic patterns. Career and finances will be subject to change. Look at new ways to pursue your professional purpose. Love and relationships will either merge or break.

Taurus –  Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 1st house. Time to reinvent yourself. Be flexible and accepting. Connect with exciting new people, existing relationships could deepen. Renew your appearance and your career. Happier and healthier committed relationships can form. Money and career will prosper through partnership. You could slowly but steadily build the foundation of your own enterprise. Job changes and unexpected offers, brand new professional path.

Gemini – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 12th house. You will encounter lessons on self-sabotaging patterns. You will learn how to delegate and manage your life. Learning crucial lessons on how relationships are built to last. Prepare to face any fears and trust issues. New work opportunities. You may want to learn more about investing and real estate. Sift through your inner circle and find out who is loyal. This energy could captivate thought-provoking kindred spirits your way.

Cancer – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 11th house. A new era for romance and self-expression. Make fun your top priority. You will experience major growth in love. Some Cancerians may require some structural repairs within their relationships. Some of you may get married and deepen your affections.  Longtime couples could be tested, possibly by an outside attraction or a need to prioritize romance again. Your profession will begin to settle into a more stable direction. Work from home businesses will greatly prosper. New opportunities to earn, invest and collaborate for mutual gain.

Leo –  Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 10th house. This year will be strong for both your public and private life. You will step into brand new territory with relationships and your career. This may be the time to move, buy property or spend time at home connecting with your roots. Maybe a baby this year? Love will face a major personal transformation that will alter your entire approach to partnership. You could explore a few different career paths. Everything you do needs to be set up on a rock-solid foundation, no cutting corners, appoint a team of proficient specialist instead of doing everything yourself.

Virgo – Uranus in Taurus in your 9th house encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. Hermit no more, time to put yourself out there, meeting new people from all walks of life. Do some traveling. You may move to a different town, city or country. Invest in your own marketing and media materials. Love relations is flirtatious and fun, not so much long term. An opportunity of meeting new souls. Career wise, the internet is your setting, only a refined performance will assemble a devoted fan base. This is the right time to launch innovative collaborations.

Libra – Uranus in Taurus in your 8th house will focus on your self-worth and net worth. Exploration in sex, sensuality, and spirituality. You will have gained confidence in love and relationships. You could meet a stable partner adding consistency to your commitments. You could change into a new career, get a raise, promotion or relocate for work. You should consider collaborations and joint ventures. Maybe explore real estate and investing. This could be the year to get serious about home ownership. Consider re-evaluating your friendships. Have you outgrown your crew?

Scorpio – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 7th house of partnerships. Your relationships will go through radical changes. You may rush into and/or out of relationships.  This energy can ignite your career sector, which could bring exciting professional opportunities. You have until November to take risks, experiment and discover new passions. Let others take care of their own needs. Cast a wide net into your ocean of ideas, because one of your many projects could turn into a lucrative and fulfilling new path. Open your world to new perspectives and expect the unexpected. This year welcome the unfamiliar, the wild and extraordinary.

Sagittarius – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 6th house. Changes to your health will benefit you.  Stop resisting the universe’s design and develop a practice to help yourself surrender and tune into the divine flow of things. Trust your intuition. Love and relationships can find a breath of fresh air. You will find structure to your finances, prioritizing long-term security. Find a sensible approach to your spending habits. A joint venture or unexpected windfall could arrive soon.

Capricorn –  Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 5th house. Get ready to rebuild everything you have ever known. Fortify your foundations.  Where are you out of alignment with your truth and values? This energy will attract radical and wise new people into your life, they will introduce you to a new way of seeing life. Pregnancy is possible. A chance to embark on a new stage with love. You could begin a solo venture and or/ explore a joint venture. This a good time to investigate real estate and investing. Collaborations bring abundance.

Aquarius –  Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 4th house. Your ambitions could take you to faraway stations in life.  A sudden likelihood to move, buy or sell a home, or expand your family. Your partnerships are going through a giant evolution. Balance “me” and “we” in your relationships.  This could bring on a sudden split or a quick engagement. You have until November to take a calculated professional risk.  You may settle into a steady job or get promoted or take an important new job that requires relocation or travel.

Pisces – Uranus in Taurus will focus on your 3rd house.  Don’t rush into any big commitments, travel, do workshops and indulge in self-discovery. It is time to take risks and connect with the broader realms of life. Relationships become lighter now. Reevaluate your social networks, look for people who are as genuine as you, gather with kindred spirits around a common cause, prepare to meet people who show you a whole new stance on life. A new romance, renewed passion and maybe a baby could arrive this year. The pace will now accelerate with your career. New possibilities crop up all year, making it easier to stabilize your finances and profession.

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