“I am unfolding into the fullness of myself.  I can feel it, a depth and intimacy within myself, full of promise, expansion.”

During this Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle, self-realizations can liberate us from old patterns and into the unfolding fullness of our authentic, Divine expression. 

Because from the moment this adventure began unfolding, those illusions showed up as: fear of change, of our own greatness, our own power, worthiness.

When you receive a message from your Soul, trust that the Divine already has your coordinates in hand. The hardest part is to gently, but firmly, redirect the voices of doubt/fear into faith. Then to trust, listen, and then trust and listen some more.

Eclipse season is a magical time. Eclipse energy feels big, it’s exaggerating the message for a reason. Go inside your self, listen to your heart. Because, as crazy as it sounds, there’s nothing stopping you from following it.

The Moon manifests whatever the Sun imagines and designs, the Moon is consciousness in action.

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