A sacred space is a special area in your apartment, home or garden that you can go to release stress and tune into yourself.  It is a space for just ‘being’.  A place were to reflect, read, write and unwind… a place just for you.


Why do We need a Sacred Space?

A sacred space helps us get grounded, it helps us go within our thoughts and feelings.  It also helps to recharge our batteries when we are feeling drained.

Most people automatically assume that a sacred space has something to do with a religion or a religious practice, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.  While it actually can deepen their spirituality through prayer and meditation;  it can simply just be a place where we keep all the things we love to spend time with.  Regardless of what it is used for, a sacred space is a place for you to just be you.


Creating a Sacred Space

Sacred spaces can be anywhere you want it to be.  It can be in a small corner of a room, outside in a patio garden, or if you have a big house, you can convert an extra room you would normally use as a guest room.  It can be minimal or it can be complex.


The most important thing is that it feels like it is your own and that it’s quiet, comforting, relaxing and calming.  If you can sit close to the ground, even better because it will keep you grounded.   Also, it is important to keep away negative energy by following these three basic rules:

1. Clearing The Area –  Clear the space from clutter, visual distractions, audio pollution and anything that would fill it with negative energy.

2.  Setting Your Intention – Your sacred space is a place that you do nothing but meditate, pray or just reflect/contemplate, write, daydream,etc…  Don’t answer emails or calls, use the internet, or watch TV in this area.

3.  Asking for Guidance – Use your sacred space to connect with your inner wisdom and the universe.   This will help you with seeking guidance and strengthening you spiritual practices.

4.  Using Aromatics  – Use aromatherapy, essential oils and incense to clear negative energy, bring about a positive mental state, center your mind and let go of distractions.


Sometimes, incense can be a little overpowering.  So, drop a few drops of Lavender or Frankincense into an aromatherapy diffuser.


Enjoy creating your sacred space with positivity and you will find a new sense of relaxation and comfort from the same place you always walked by and never knew it could be this special.


We recommend the following aromatherapy potions infused with crystals to use in your sacred space… click below to read up on their healing benefits: