Taking a whiff of a spice in your kitchen or a bouquet of flowers is fundamental aromatherapy.  Inhaling the appropriate fragrance can reduce stress, lift a depression, hasten a good night’s sleep, soothe your soul or give you more energy.

Aromatherapy is the systematic use of volatile plant oils known as essential oils to improve your health and general well being while offering pure enjoyment.  It is designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or disease by assisting the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself.

everything_soulful_aromatherapyEssential oils consist of tiny aromatic molecules that are readily absorbed via the skin, and whilst breathing they enter the lungs. These therapeutic constituents next enter the bloodstream and are carried around the body where they can deliver their beneficial healing powers. Because they are highly concentrated, only a small quantity of essential oil is required to bring about results.

When using good quality essential oils correctly, the soothing combination of beautiful aromas, massage, aromatic baths and other treatments all work to regulate, balance, heal and maintain your entire being by working with nature, and not against it.

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