Bioshpere: People and The Planet

An audiovisual presentation filmed around the globe in remote areas and dense cities showcasing our planet and its inhabitants in their daily lives.

Biosphere is a trilogy of movies about our planet. It is a non narrative documentary shot in 4K that captivates audiences with visuals and sound from around the world. More than a million people have seen the original Biosphere movie in less than a year and audiences continue to grow. Award winning film composer Jennifer Athena Galatis teamed up with director cinematographer Dominique Müller and producer Lars Lindberg from ESO to create the trilogy.

There is increasing concern due to worldwide environmental changes caused by diverse forms of human activity. These changes cut across many lines of well-known environmental problems, including water and air pollution, deforestation, and loss of species, to name only a few. Many scientists have stated that the major problem area is significant planet-wide climate change due to CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions: global warming on a level and time-scale that is predicted to cause unprecedented changes in the Biosphere. Alongside this threat, another potential major issue is being investigated: the acidification of the oceans leading to the breakdown of the ocean food chain, a process that is also due to increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.