Ginger is used in aromatherapy to bring on feelings of courageousness and self-assurance, which is why it’s known as “the oil of empowerment.”  It helps address feelings of powerlessness, patterns of fears of victimization, and creating an inner fire and strength to step into a role of leader in one’s own life. 

As much as it is comforting and flavorsome in food, ginger offers a gamut of health benefits when used in aromatherapy. Known for its ‘warming’ properties, ginger essential oil acts as a tonic for the digestive system, joints as well as the mind.


The Warming Oil

Ginger oil is helpful during the long, cold winter months when many people experience depression, lethargy and loneliness due to the weather.  At these times, ginger oil adds the much needed spice and zest by energizing the body, improving sexual libido and helping the mind focus. Ginger oil also boosts circulation and provides instant relief from cold extremities and dull, lifeless skin. Combine it with a carrier oil and  massage this warm oil for an excellent remedy for tired, achy joints or rheumatic arthritis.


Psychological Properties

Just as ginger provides deep warmth and stimulation on the physiological level, its fragrance works deeply into the psyche bringing energy and strength to some of the deepest sources of our power.  In moments of pessimism and low morale, ginger essential oil serves to motivate the mind and help it find direction.  If you have strong plans for the future but lack willpower or confidence to go through with them, ginger essential will inspire you to be proactive and take consequential action.


Mind, Spirit and Body

  • Ginger is a warming and energizing oil which works well to help ward off feelings of loneliness and depression.

  • These same energizing properties give it the reputation as an aphrodisiac!

  • It is often used for nausea – either morning sickness or travel sickness

  • Ginger oil is very useful for helping treat colds and flu.

  • Dilute in a carrier oil and use on the skin to help get rid of bruises.

  • Helps ease muscle aches and pains.

  • Often used for digestive problems and poor circulation.

  • Ginger oil can be used to help treat arthritic and rheumatic pain.

  • Last but maybe not least…useful for helping with hangovers!

  • You can also make your own fresh ginger tea by putting a few slices about the width of a coin in a cup of hot water.  Let it steep for a little while, and drink.


Ideas For Using Ginger Essential Oil

  • Put a few drops in a diffuser/burner to help relieve the symptoms of flu and colds. Also good if you are feeling lethargic, down or a little lonely.

  • Put a few drops in a hot bath to help relieve arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation. Also good for muscle aches caused by colds and flu. It’s a good idea to mix the drops in a small amount of milk first (essential oils mix better with fats) and then add!

  • Ginger essential oil is good used with a hot compress for achey muscles and digestive problems.

  • Put a couple of drops on a hankie to help with nausea, morning sickness, travel sickness and indigestion.



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