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Let your wild side up and out!  Unleash your talents and your desires.

You are being rewilded at this time – guided to reconnect with your rebellious heart, a part of you that likes to break boundaries and go beyond them completely.   If you’ve been holding back on your hopes and dreams, your being encouraged to chase after them now.  Let the wolf energy within help you track down that direction you want to go in, and don’t let any traps or hunters get in the way of your freedom of growth.  The life you want is here!  Step into it.

The She-wolf if a powerful shamanic soul who is half wolf and half woman.  She is the alpha female who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, or, in this case, pack.  She is wild, unfiltered  and unfettered.  She is encouraging you not to be trapped by the limiting factors of weaker members of the pack or those who are trying to hunt you down because you have gifts they don’t like or understand.  She represents the energy of the wilderness and the unknown, and encourages you to be free and unchained and go beyond boundaries.  Release the animal energy within and track down what you need to do to express your true self.

Recommended Crystal to Release and Let go of any negative ties and energy from the outside and from within:  Black Tourmaline