Higher consciousness, awakenings, opening portals and emotional healing is the theme of this Virgo Full Moon.  You start the month off with a moon that invites us to dream, refine, balance and take practical action towards fulfilling our dreams and receiving all the blessings in store for you.

Keeping a positive mindset requires a lot of mental stamina but, it is essential at this time.  Training your brain to be positive keeps you in the higher dimensions.  This is what it means “to be in this world, but not of it.”  Being in higher realms requires a mindset that stays enthusiastic; it stays in love and compassion, not in fear.  This is how you tap into the unlimited supply that comes from the Higher Source.

You must first surrender to the moon’s energy by setting the intention to be guided and ready to receive. The moon will help you reset your brain and tune into the wisdom that the universe has to offer.  Your focus and attention will be fine-tuned to move in the direction that is destined for you.

Remember:  You don’t get what you want, you get what you believe.  Set your intention to receive all the things that you deserve.  Focus in the present, in the moment and ‘in the now’ to remain in a higher vibration.  This will help you remain in the positive mindset to receive.  If you have beliefs getting in the way of what you want, this is what needs healing.

It is necessary to clear out your shadow emotions and beliefs (fear, insecurity, jealousy) so that you can work through unhealed emotional wounds and wipe out karmic energies that have been holding you back.

Whatever has been cloudy or unclear will come into focus. Pay attention to what unfolds during this time.  Sit back and observe, take note – get that journal out and carve out time for meditation.

It is time to create a sense of well-being and balance by letting go of the things that do not serve us on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.  There is a good chance you will be ending certain chapters in your life (relationships, ventures, jobs).  But, before you release it, find the positive aspects – What did you learn?   Find closure and throw it in the bin; this way, you don’t have to re-visit this life lesson down the road.

This is a great time to listen to your body.  If you have been feeling a little off balance, make an appointment for a physical or visit an energy healer to get your fill of nourishment.  Your wealth is in your health. The better you feel, the more you can accomplish.  The stronger you are in body, mind and soul, the more positive your outlook will be. This is a great step towards bringing your best self forward to live to your fullest potential.

This moon carries a strong manifestation vibration.  Do something creative and out of the ordinary to open the possibilities for something new to come into your life.

Crystal Recommended:

Selenite embodies goddess energy, and it’s a crystal that allows us to more easily communicate with our higher selves.

Aromatherapy Potion Recommended:

Manifestation infused with Rainbow Fluorite to help bring all your dreams and wishes into fruition.