Full Moons always represent a time of completion and releasing, and seeing as this Full Moon falls in the watery sign of Cancer, we are being asked to cleanse and release all that prevents us from truly loving ourselves.

Cancer energy represents nourishment, intuition, and self-care, and on this Super Full Moon we will all have to tune into that softer, intuitive voice within and take care of our mind, body and spirit.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling more emotional lately, or your attention has been too focused outside your self. Don’t worry, this will be easy. Just set the intention: to withdraw from the external world, to let go of concern about what’s going on outside of you, about anything but you, right now. This time is for you and only you.

Work with one or more of these crystals while repeating the following affirmation a few times until you feel 100% focused and ready to receive and accept the message. This exercise will help cleanse and release all energy that is no longer yours to carry.

– hold a Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine over your heart chakra for comfort

– hold a black tourmaline on your left hand to release negative thoughts

– use a selenite wand to clean your aura like an eraser moving up and down and around your body starting from the head to your feet

– keep a unakite close to you to smudge your energy field and heart chakra

“I cleanse and release all energy that is no longer mine to carry. I shed and clear myself of any pains of the past and release myself from any guilts or regrets that are weighing me down. I cleanse myself so I am light and free. I cleanse myself with light and loving energy.”

Do not be afraid to take up space, to nourish your self. You are eternally: solid, safe, stable, grounded…. Take a few moments to deeply connect with this truth.

We highly recommend these to combine the healing energy of aromatherapy and crystal healing:
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Cleansing Spritzer infused with Unakite

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Wishing you all personal freedom and empowerment in 2018!