Folklore. Tribal. House. Global. Dub. Impulsive Drums. Damp Ground. Charangos. Colorful Masks

“Tribal House, Pan Flutes galore, tremendous hypnotic shamanic music […] from this unique band from Chile! This is truly amazing!” – Generation Bass

 “Those three give a pure and hard tech-house sound, where inbetween the beats, you can feel the Latin flavor in the roots of Matanza” – Rolling Stone Magazine

MATANZA is a South American Tribal Tech House Band formed in 2009 by three musicians and producers: Luis Galvez, Vicente Vasquez and Rodrigo Gallardo.


MATANZA’s extraordinary performances showcase the musicians rhythmic prowess analogy which they position amongst the cosmopolitan tech-house-sound and the pounding folk music of their indigenous cultural heritage. The band reflects the musical spectra of the tribes that are still fighting hard for their rights and acknowledgement in society today.  MATANZA merges traditional melodies with the different styles from the European Techno scene of the 90’s and creates something consequently new: Tribal Tech House.

Maquinaria Festival 2010, MATANZA

Surprisingly, MATANZA trusts in a remarkable way the importance of free digital downloading and resigns the sale of physical sound recordings. Yet, or maybe because of their attitude, the three musicians from Santiago de Chile perform as headliners on numerous important festivals across the continent, collaborate transnational with various producers and tour now the third time in Europe to celebrate their intrinsic understanding of electronic dance music.

“Their collective fascination with the vast array of weird and wonderful instruments they hoard is what really makes their live performances extraordinary in a club setting. Bringing relics of their Latino history into the present day, Matanza give them a new meaning when played harmoniously alongside the pounding techno baseline – inventing a totally danceable amalgamation of pure originality and explosive fun.” –