Need more focus & concentration in your life?

The majority of us always thrive to be a bit more ‘on top of things’ throughout the day.


Aromatherapy can invoke focused and concentrated states by calming and re-centering the mind. This holistic alternative is more beneficial for use in the long term since it won’t cause us to crash like caffeine and other uppers.


What’s even better – smells are portable!  So, while you can’t always be in a super productive environment, you can bring your favorite uplifting scents with you on-the-go. A great way to do this is to carry a roll-on in your pocket or purse.

Here are some of the most effective memory-enhancing aromatherapy scents:

Everything_Soulful_Mood_Enhanging_Herbs_rosemaryRosemary has a long history of increasing memory, concentration, and even creativity. Students wore crowns of rosemary in ancient Greece to improve their mental performance when taking exams.  During the Middle Ages, rosemary was considered a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and remembrance that was used at weddings and funerals.  And, modern Japanese research confirms rosemary is a brain stimulant. Lemongrass has a high energetic level scent. Like a high tone in music.  Vibrant, stimulant, fresh, of a light green color.  It is a strong essence that gives a lot of power when tired and exhausted. So strong that it is a bit like a “shocking” wake up, like a cold shower.  Lemongrass also helps with concentration and focus especially with paper work.

Everything_Soulful_Mood_Enhanging_Herbs_Eucalyptus2 Eucalyptus is refreshing and powerfully stimulating.  This essential oil helps to improve concentration, keeps your energy level elevated and purifies the air. Use it on a rainy or cloudy day to clear the fog and lift your spirits.

Everything_soulful_cedarwood Cedarwood oil is known to stimulate the thought process and mental synergy helping to improve focus and attention.  It helps to oxygenate the brain, resulting in clearness of thought.  This oil comes from the Cedar tree and is known to activate the limbic region of the brain, which is responsible for balancing the feelings to keep you emotionally balanced.

everything_soulful_cypress Cypress is a great aid for those who are distracted, forgetful and whose thoughts are jumping from one place to another. It helps to concentrate on what is important right now.  Cypress clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts and gives emotional stability.  This essential oil can help you calm down when you are feeling nervous and tense.


We have created a blend that includes all of these natural ingredients to boost your brain power, except we’ve added some Coconut for stress relief.  Try our on-the-go FOCUS Potion infused with Lapis Lazuli crystals.