The Rose of Jericho is an everlasting plant with mystical qualities.  For centuries, it has been used to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance. It is believed that it will help in returning your good deeds when they are propagated with faith and love.

This rare magical botanical is often used in ritualistic spiritual traditions for love and money spells. One spell states that you will have many blessings if a piece of the herb is kept in the home in a glass of water.


Place your bulb in a bowl with cold or lukewarm water.  After 30 minutes, it will start to spread its branches wide open.  Water it every day for up to 7 days. Then allow to dehydrate completely (about 2 days), the Jericho will close its branches and curl back into a ball. Then you can re-use it again and again.

The water should be changed often and sprinkled around the home to cleanse it of all negativity and bring peace. Use the water to cleanse yourself before ritual work, wash floors, doorways and anoint candles.  You can keep a stem in your pocket or a sachet to absorb negative energy.

It is a very unique gift.  Many families will carefully keep the plant, passing it from generation to generation.  A house where the “Rose of Jericho” is kept, will be blessed and filled with abundance and harmony.

How to care for it: