A child of the wind, born with a thirst for music, Sonny Daze began his musical journey with his mother’s record collection.


His was heavily influenced by his grandparent’s southern roots and the late night rides in his Uncle’s Cadillac throughout the gritty streets of Chicago. This developed his understanding of music being a healing and uplifting force.

“At a very young age, I thought that everything was about music. We’d just hop in the car to cruise to lullabies that lifted our souls.  It was an escape.”

Everything-Soulful-Sonny-DazeNaturally Sonny was drawn to share what he loved with the world. As a child, he’d place a speaker in the window of his grandparents house on the second floor and yell the name of each song through a fan. Songs from the likes of Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, De La Soul, Rakim and many more.

When introduced to house music, he felt like it was all the music of that time (mid 80’s ) molded together, taking people on a new journey.  Something felt uplifting  and just made you forget about the really bad times.

Since 2000, Sonny has been spinning with some of the best in the world like Andre Hachett, Rich Medina, Osunlade, Quest-love and Gillies Peterson to name a few.

Sonny continues to grow is a producer and musician, with a focus on bringing the “medicine” to his audience. “The world is filled with negative thoughts and behavior.  My intent is to remove that energy for the time being so they can consider walking down a lighter path”.