These Gaia gifts carry very high lunar vibration and protective energy. They are perfect for moon ritual, aura cleansing, mental clarity, deep meditation and enlightenment.

Moonstone is an excellent stone for new beginnings, providing inner growth and strength. It helps strengthen intuition and opens the gateway to the subconsciousness for ‘true seekers’ of spiritual wisdom and development. Keep moonstone with your divinatory tools to strengthen their power.


Dessert Rose is a very strong activator of your third eye, it will help bring your clairvoyant gifts to the fore. It will guide you in connecting to your higher-self and reaching a deeper meditative state. It helps raise your vibration so that you will experience white light when working with your guardian angels.

Selenite enhances clarity of the mind and expands your self-awareness. It brings a lucidity to your spiritual understanding of the universe and your place in it. It assists judgement and insight. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture.