Inspiration drives us to create, imagine, dream, explore, love and live life to the fullest.

The beginning of a new year promises a clean slate for all of us. One way to make this year really count is to find a way to feel inspired each day in work, at school, while exercising, etc.

Life is full of beautiful possibilities, however, we have to go out and make our dreams happen. If we want good skin and long hair, we have to take care of ourselves. You’re in charge of your life, don’t forget that!

If we want our dream job, we have to take the necessary steps to get there and stay motivated throughout the whole year. With our motivation tips you’ll be able to accomplish anything.


1. Why are you rushing?

Instead of always rushing through life and running from one place to another, take things easy. Slowing down each day will help you notice more things around you, which may spark creativity. If you leave an open window of time, you can go for a nice walk in nature, read a book or listen to some music.

When we allow ourselves to not work and just give some room to breathe, we will start noticing stuff we usually don’t. It’s cliché, but the saying about “stopping to smell the roses” reigns true and has been proven to help individuals feel more satisfied and fulfilled in life.


2. Cooking is not an obligation

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and sometimes we just have to constantly be on the move. We fall into the habit of picking up food to go or eating snacks that can easily be taken with us.

The bad part of this is that we tend to gravitate towards food that is highly processed and not very good for us. Think about it: when you grab a meal to go, it’s usually fast food or foods that are boxed, bagged, frozen or canned.

Taking the time to prepare your own meals gives you a moment to relax and focus at one task at a time. It also gives your mind a break from stress you’re dealing with, but also allows you to practice mindfulness.

While you cook and eat your food, really pay attention to the smells and flavors of it. Enjoy this and look at food not as something to satisfy hunger, but as a way to nourish your body. Cooking also provides a space for creativity and practice for learning to be present in the moment.

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3. Nature is your friend

Being in nature can have a very calming effect on our minds and bodies. We can breathe in fresh air and watch the sunrise. We can bury our feet in sand or lie on grass.

Being in these beautiful and relaxing environments can open our hearts and minds to feeling more creative and inspired. We can get inspiration to paint, draw or write poetry just by listening to the sound of the waves and watching birds nestle in trees.

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4. What is your jam?

When you’re feeling down, blast some music. Music has the ability to lift our mood and really open our hearts.  Listening to music can really inspire creativity. Many individuals turn to music when they deal with writer’s block or an overall lack of motivation. Music can also make us feel inspired and motivated to go to the gym and work out.

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5. Practice makes perfect

Many times, we overlook the little moments that actually make life so special. It is not the call about landing your dream job or winning the lottery the only thing that matters.

Little things, like watching a sunrise or getting the chance to eat strawberry ice cream with a friend, also matter and end up meaning a lot when we think back. However, these tend to be overlooked. When you start practicing gratefulness, you begin to see how beautiful life really is.

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6. Books can help

Some people find self-help books as something with a negative stigma. They let ego get in the way and think, “I’m fine, why would I need a self-help book?” However, everyone can benefit from reading self-help books.

Sometimes, we need them to help us learn to manage our money better. Other times, we want to learn to love ourselves more or gain self-confidence. Perhaps we want to learn how to be more organized.

Self-help books are great sources of motivation tips for anything from feeling inspired to tidying up the house, losing weight, painting or trying something new.

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7. Get inspired

Reading inspirational quotes can make us feel a sense of hope in most situations. If you are feeling down, a great quote can really make you feel like you’re not alone in whatever you’re going through.

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8. The spirit of old times

Being around art can really spark your creativity. If you believe you are not artistic, seeing the works of others and admiring how beautiful their ideas are is very cathartic and good for the heart.  With an open heart and mind, we can really open ourselves up to the beautiful sights, smells, sounds, feelings and tastes that life has to offer us.

Throughout the year, make a promise to yourself to always seek inspiration when you feel you need it. Motivation yields such beautiful results, whether it be something you create or just something you feel.