Aromatherapy infused cotton sachets can be used in a variety of different ways; between linens, under your pillow, in your dresser, the bathroom, backpack, luggage,  and your car.

You can also keep a sachet next to your bed to help you fall asleep and in your work space to help keep you relaxed.

Shake up the sachet to re-activate the fragrance.


Sandalwood is known for clearing the mind and bringing calmness and inner peace.  It helps reduce irritability, anxiety, depression and nervous tension.  It has a strong grounding effect inciting calmness and clearing the mind making it great for meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.


Lavender has a very soft energy that will calm your vibration while uplifting your spirit.  It is beneficial to help combat depression, anxiety and stress.  It is often used to treat insomnia and migraine headaches.


Nag Champa has a soothing fragrance that helps relax your nerves and reduce stress. This peaceful scent helps clear out negative energy, filling it with positive vibrations.  Also, it works as an excellent natural aphrodisiac.


Aromatherapy Infused Cotton Sachets from India