When picking your candle, let the color speak to you… Your consciousness knows what your soul needs.


Candle burning is one of most simple forms of magic. The basic principles are to concentrate, visualize and focusing (willpower) on the candle as a symbol. Candle magic has been around since the dawn of time, traced as far back as the Paleolithic era. It is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic. It can be used for overcoming bad habits, attracting things, settling disturbing atmospheres, protection, regaining health, developing psychic powers, etc. Everything_Soulful_Candle_magic_7

The flame represents the source of our creation, your inner light. It speaks to us of the soul spark that links us all together originating from the same source of thought… consciousness.

You can give power and magical qualities to the flame, but the energies come from your consciousness. Candles and sacred flames are part of the myth and mystery of humanity’s experience in the physical, always a reminder of our connection to source. A candle melts until its flame is extinguished in the physical … but a soul spark is eternal.

As we are all created by the flame of soul, therefore we all believe in magic at some level. Somewhere in our souls is the knowledge that there is more than physical reality. All is magic and illusion.


White: spiritual blessings, ancestral worship, purity, healing, rest
Light blue: peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions
Dark blue: moodiness, depression, unfortunate circumstances
Green: money, gambling luck, business, steady work, good crops
Yellow: devotion, prayer, cheerfulness, attraction
Red: love, affection, passion, bodily vigor, luck
Pink: attraction, romance, clean living
Purple: mastery, power, ambition, control, command
Orange: change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams
Brown: court cases, neutrality
Black: repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, evil, harm
Metallic gold: money, gambling luck, prosperity, success

Two colors can be used together to create magic.

You have to believe in the power of the candle if it is to work for you. Candle magic is usually part of a ritual but can be part of meditation or other exercises.