The aromatic essence of cinnamon warms our soul and ignites our passions.  Infused with the Sun’s energy, cinnamon’s magic lends itself to spells and magical workings that enhance protection, prosperity and passion.

Cinnamon has a high vibration that can be used to reach a higher state of spirituality. While this spice is related to the fire element, the tree itself is ruled by the moon. The moon with her loving Lunar energy stimulates our higher selves and thinking. Cinnamon, being ruled by fire and the moon elements can provide protection as well as assist us in increasing our psychic or clairvoyant energies. 

As sultry a spice,  it enhances sexual and sensual energies.  It is notorious for “heating up” cold romances and igniting passion.  Cinnamon is believed to enhance the male libido.


1.  Burn it to purify negative energy.

2.  Have a cup of cinnamon tea before divination for heightened psychic awareness and clairvoyance.

3.  Use it in a money sachet (mojo bag) to bring prosperity.

4.  A bundle of 9 cinnamon sticks over your front door or window sill to protect from negativity / bad intentions of visitors. 

5.  Bake it into a dessert, bless it for lasting love, and serve it during a romantic meal.

6.  A cinnamon stick tucked away under the pillows can help get the fires of intimacy and passion going.

7. Carry a cinnamon stick in your in bag/pocket to carry as a protection charm. 

8.  Burn it during your moon ritual to boost your intentions and your sacred space with powerful spiritual vibrations.

9.  Charge with clairvoyant energy your divination tools with a stick in the bag you keep your tarot cards, runes, pendulums and crystals.  You can also keep cinnamon on your altar or sacred space for this same effect.

We have included Cinnamon essential oil these: