If you’re looking for a new way to add the healing energy of crystals to your life, then try using crystal and gem infused water. Using a simple process, even beginners can make their own crystal infused water to bring the healing energy of gemstones into many aspects of their lives.

Crystal elixirs are made by infusing water with the energy of crystals. There’s a principle of physics called entrainment or mode locking in which when two objects vibrating at different frequencies are placed in proximity to one another, they lock into phase (entrain) and begin vibrating at the same frequency. It is believed entrainment is how most forms of energy healing work including crystal healing. This works whether the crystals come in contact with a human being, another object, or water.

Water as an Energetic Medium

Water has long been used as an energetic medium because it adapts to and stores the frequency of other objects. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated water’s ability to pick up and store frequency in his experiments, which he published in his book The Hidden Messages in Water. Dr. Emoto demonstrated how the vibrational frequency from things such as thoughts and music affected the structure of water when frozen.

Water’s ability to hold energy can also be found in homeopathic remedies. To make homeopathic medicines, substances are added to water and then diluted over and over again until it is so dilute, none of the original substance remains, but the water still holds its vibration. It is the vibration of the initial substance, rather than the substance itself, that brings about healing. Crystal elixirs work similarly; the water holds the energy of the crystals, and it is that vibration that promotes healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Making Safe Crystal Infused Water

Crystal elixirs are easy to make, although you do want to keep safety in mind since some gemstones contain toxic substances that shouldn’t be consumed. Therefore, you never want to drop a crystal straight into a glass of water and drink it. However, there are safe ways to create crystal elixirs that allow the energy of the crystals to infuse the water without the crystals ever having direct contact with it.

Make Your Own Gem Elixirs

You don’t need any expensive products to have crystal elixirs readily available. You can make your own using simple tools you probably already have at home.


  • Clean sealable clear glass container, such as a mason jar

  • Spring water

  • Medium-sized bowl or larger jar in which the smaller jar will fit.

  • Freshly cleansed crystals


  1. Fill the glass container with spring water and seal it.

  2. Place it in the larger container.

  3. Carefully add crystals around the base of the smaller container.

  4. Allow the jar to sit in contact with the crystals for 48 hours.

  5. Remove the water container from the crystals. Refrigerate the water and use as needed.

You can also set the containers as they infuse outside in the light of a full-moon overnight to add moon energy to your crystal elixir or out in the sunlight to add sun energy.

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