The use of crystals for healing, meditation and manifesting have been used for thousands of years from every ancient civilization.  To keep it simple, human beings are made up of energy and crystals are made up of earth energy.  When these two come together vibrational healing occurs.


On a more scientific level the human body contains silicon dioxide and a quartz crystal also contains silicon dioxide so when the two merge together healing occurs.  Healing occurs in a variety of ways from energy blockages removed in the body, clarity, emotional release to increased energy it varies based on each individual person.  As no two people are alike no two crystals are alike. Everything_Soulful_how_Do_Crystals_work

The Egyptians used to grind up crysrals such as Lapis Lazuli very fine and wear it as eyeshadow.  The Native Americans have used turquoise on belts to help digestion in the stomach.  Greek Warriors used to wear garnets for protection in battle.  Quartz crystal spheres have been used to foretell the future.


Today crystals are often worn on the body in the form of jewelry to manifest things into your life.  They can be placed in a bath to energize the energy of the bath water based upon the gemstones spiritual intention. Gems are often placed around the home to clear the energy or attract certain energies into the home.


Many aromatherapy blends have crystals added to them to enhance the energy of the oils. Gems are often added to spring water to use as a spray or to drink so that the vibrational energy of the stone can infuse your internal body.


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