“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

A breath of fresh air!  Retrograde and eclipse season is over. This month is going to be less dramatic and messy than the past five months.  Now projects can thrust forward, communications, travel, and negotiations can be done with ease.  September will be the month that gives us the ability to examine and balance our resources, debts and spending habits.  Arguments could take on a calmer, more reasonable and practical tone.  This month’s earth energy can help us in re-establishing stability.  Innovative Uranus will encourage transformative progress on a singular and communal level. Virgo season will have many of us restructuring and reorganizing the habits we’ve developed on our own. Mars enters Aquarius on the 10th will have many of us separating from certain groups that no longer serves us. This month is the time to take on individual initiatives in the awareness of a collective – not just serving our own interests. The energies we’ve experienced in the past 5 months will now culminate in a better understanding of ourselves and pushing us closer to the life we desire.


9/6 – Saturn moves direct in Capricorn – focus on your career and social status. Utilize one of Saturn’s character vibrations such as self-control, it will be highly appreciated this month. Mercury enters Virgo improving your critical thinking skills. It serves you to communicate in detail.

9/9 – New Moon in Virgo – Utilize Virgo’s analytical skills to identify what course of action to take. Venus enters Scorpio, do not let your jealousy overcome you. Be passionate, however, let go of the tendency to have an “all or nothing” attitude towards relationships.

9/10 – Mars enters Aquarius– A good day for using unconventional methods to solve problems. Utilize this energy to improve your teamwork skills.

9/22 – The Sun and Mercury enter Libra – today’s vibration is about using diplomacy and creating all forms of harmonious relationships. This is a good day to realize your artistic abilities and cultivate them.

9/24 – Full Moon in Aries – don’t be afraid to use spontaneity to help you achieve some of your goals. Don’t give way to impulsiveness, that may prove to be detrimental to your plans.

9/30 – Pluto moves direct in Capricorn – Pluto went retrograde in April, demonstrating the need for a deep inner transformation. We all had to learn how to embrace our shadow side to enable us to see our true selves and what we need to materialize our desired life. Now we must show and put into action what we’ve learned from these five profound transformative months.


Aries – For the first 9 days, Venus will be in your 7th house of relationships, this is a great time for meeting someone new or to start new business relations.  On the 22nd, the Sun will also enter your 7th house giving you an opportunity to refresh all your relationships.

Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon will be in your 6th house. This may encourage you to start a new health regimen. 6th house energy can inspire you to look for a new work situation, work on new projects or find new people to work/interact with.

Mars in direct mode could have you thinking/ feeling it is time to update your resume and start looking for that dream job. You may investigate ways of serving others like volunteering in a project you feel passionate about. Many of you may finally move to a new home or start renovation projects.

Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 8th house, possibly bringing you money in the form of grants, or scholarships. The 8th house energy is also wonderful for sorting out your debt, taxes and insurance payouts.

 On the 24th, the full moon will be in your sign, helping you learn your boundaries within your relationships. Use the full moon energy to pamper yourself and find balance with your personal and business relationships.


Taurus – Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon will be in your 5th house of creativity and pleasure. You may be thinking about self-employment, launching a project/book or website. go for it! The 5th house is reminding you to add pleasure and fun into your life. Go out and be entertained.

Venus, your ruling planet is giving you notes on how to make changes in your daily routine.  Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 7th house of relationships, giving strong airs for romance and activating your creative juices.

On the 11th, Mars moves into your 10th house, pushing you to look at what gives you a better course of action to advance your career. Use Mars to set goals for creating an improved work situation. Also, the recent hard work you have been doing will not go unnoticed, this is the day to probably ask for a raise.

On the 22nd, the Sun will be in your 6th house of work and service. A renewed outlook on your work and physical well-being, maybe it’s time to move around your schedule so you can add yoga or meditation to your life.

The full moon on the 24th will be in your 12th house, balance your internal self, taking time out to incorporate your surroundings. The 12th house is about your inner journey, learning about yourself, consider taking courses or delving into psychology, astrology or metaphysics. This is a good time to start a dream journal.


Gemini – Venus will be in your 5th house for the first 9days. Think about how you can mix in fun and pleasure. Go out and be entertained or entertain people in your home. The 5th house is prompting you to find more happiness in your work and daily life, maybe start a new business or possibly starting a new love and/or business relationship. On the 10th, Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 6th house, maybe bringing you news regarding a raise. Take time to nurture the self and look for ways you can contribute your time by volunteering to a cause you care about. The Sun will also move into your 5th house on the 22nd, focus on how you can bring more pleasure and joy into your life.

Mercury, the Sun, and The New Moon will be in your 4th house of home and family. This may indicate moving to a new location. The 4th house signifies the time to clean out the clutter and organize your home. Make room for spending more time with your family.

Mars in Aquarius will be in your 9th house, you may be motivated to start an exercise routine. The 9th house is about expanding your horizons. This would be a good time to plan a trip to a foreign country. Use this energy to acquire more qualifications to advance your career.

The full moon on the 24th will show you changes that may be beneficial regarding your friendships. The vibrations of this day inspire you to set off your goals and manifest what you want.


Cancer – The New Moon, Mercury and the Sun enters your 3rd house of communication. This energy will urge you to speak out on what you are feeling. 3rd house vibration is adventure time! Plan a short trip in town or in your state.  If you are dealing with any negotiations or contracts, this energy will push it into forwarding motion.

Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 5th house activating new friendships. Some of you may hear good news about a business or you are negotiating plans to expand your business. This is a good time to turn your hobby into passive income. Venus and Jupiter in the 5th house also want you to love yourself and share that love with others.

Mars in Aquarius will be in your 8th house on the 11th giving you a chance to sort out your finances regarding taxes, insurance, mortgage etc. Besides working on clearing your debt, the 8th house is great for learning energy medicine, astrology, or any kind of metaphysics.

On the 22nd, the Sun in your 4th house may give you good news about your family or home situation. Use this energy for smudging or for any kind of renovation to brighten up your home life.

The Full moon on the 24th will be in your 10th house, encourages you to create more balance between your work and personal life. Some of you may be changing careers or doing something different with your current work, perhaps a promotion.


Leo – September is about releasing stuck energy, about work, money and getting your life together.  Mercury, the New Moon, and the Sun will be in your 2nd house of how you value yourself, how you look at money. There is a strong indication for new financial, business and project beginnings. This is the time to value your worth in what you do and contribute. Saturn direct will get you focused on your health, perhaps start a gym membership to help get you back into shape.

Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 4th house. Some of you may hear good news regarding a family situation. These two planets together could help bring more peace and harmony to your environment. Clear out the clutter in your home to create serenity within and without.

Mars in Aquarius will push your relationships forward, some of you may feel a little defensive, use any negative feelings to motivate life-changing energy. Do not compromise the self to make others happy, move forward if others are not responding to you.

The Sun in Libra on the 22nd will be in your 3rd house give you the energy to take a trip and for learning something new. 3rd house energy is great for communication, seeing your life in a different perspective and for creative self-expression.

The full moon will enter your 9th house motivating you to engage with your spiritual path. The 9th house also signals meeting someone new from traveling long distance or meeting a foreign person. This is a good time to share new information and skills with others.


Virgo –It is birthday time and a whole new world! It is time to empower yourself and make your dreams come true. Be creative. Don’t let anyone distract you from your path, because the path you are on now is right.

Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon will be in your 1st house. It is truly a time for new beginnings, make lots of wishes this month Virgo. September is for stepping out and showing people the new you. Go ahead a pamper yourself, get that new haircut you’ve been wanting, buy yourself something new.

Venus will be in your 2nd house for the first 9 days, you could receive gifts and good news about your finances. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 3rd house, use this energy to learn something new, expand your knowledge by starting school or just signing up for a class. The 3rd house is about communication, speak your truth. It is a great time for signing contracts, for new inventions and taking short trips.

Mars will enter your 6th house on the 11th, this energy will motivate you to start a new exercise regime, join a gym, an online membership, a class or even an app. The 6th house may be calling you to share your skills with others, consider volunteering your time serving a cause you are passionate about.

Uranus will be in your 9th house of travel. Plan a trip to visit family or go somewhere you have never been. This month will open you up to meeting new people that will expand your horizons to new possibilities you haven’t explored.

On the 22nd, the Sun will be in your 2nd house, focusing on your self-esteem, finances and helping you unearth your many talents and opening opportunities to make money.

The full moon on the 24th will activate your 8th house, bringing thoughts on how you earn your income, dealing with some sort of finances and that you can finally scratch off your to-do list. This is also a time to work with healing energy, learning new things in the esoteric/metaphysical realms. The full moon will bring to light if what you are doing is right for you.


Libra – Happy birthday to those early Libras! Your ruling planet Venus will be in your 1st house for the first 9 days, making you popular and looking delicious. A lovely time for nurturing yourself, seeing how beautiful you are and appreciating yourself more. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th, use this day to buy those things you need, you could find the bargain of a lifetime. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 2nd house on the 10th. A new business idea can unfold, you could hear about a raise or bonus. These two planets are telling you to develop more of your talents and how to value your self-worth.

The Sun, New Moon, and Mercury will stimulate your 12th house giving you an opportunity to release the past. Utilize this energy for dream journaling, meditation and delving into esoteric teachings, it is time to go within and learn more about yourself.

Saturn moves into your 4th house. This may have you moving into a new home, spending time with your family or changing rooms around in your current home.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your sign, this about acknowledging all your splendid beauty and administering self-love.

The full moon in your 7th house gives you the realization of how to find balance in all your relationships. This is the time where you can develop new levels of intimacy and trust with your current relations.


Scorpio – September will help you gather the momentum to get things moving forward. Venus enters your sign on the 9th, you will feel amazing about yourself. Go out and strut your stuff on this day! Venus will be in your 12th house for the first 9 days, this energy is best used for meditation and alone time. Schedule time out in nature or studying your birth chart or past lives. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 1st house, fall in love with yourself Scorpio, nurture yourself, also use this combination of energy to expand out and meet new and out of the ordinary people.

Mars will enter your 4th house of home and family, this will be tough energy because some of your family members are going to drive you nuts. Mars will give you the energy to stand up for yourself. Some of you may be moving, repairing, changing your home life or even finding ways to earn a living from home.

Pay attention to your dreams on the 22nd to the 24th, you could find the answer to the most overwhelming problems.

The Sun will visit your 12th house on the 22nd, again the universe is encouraging you to be alone, to help you integrate the happenings in your environment. 12th house energy is for learning who you are, deep transformation with the self. Observe what changes need to be made within and without.

The full moon will be in your 6th house, the moon energy wants you to add more flexibility within your work life, what changes do you need to make for your energy to flow better in your career or work? How better can you serve those around you and how could you make it easier for them to serve you better?


Sagittarius – This is a career-changing month. Mercury, the New Moon, and the Sun will be in your 10th house of career. Saturn direct on the 6th will also stimulate your financial wellbeing. This energy will give you ideas on how to gain more money in your work or find a side job that will supplement your current income.

Venus will enter your 11th house for the first 9 days helping you connect with a community of people that are on the same vibration as you. Use this energy for socializing and expanding your circle. This energy is equally wonderful for all forms of communications. Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 12th house, tune into your wisdom, study some form of esoteric teachings. Energy from the 12th house could have you learning something significant from your past love relationships to help you heal your current love life or simply; a past lover may come back into your life.  Delve deeper within and learn more about yourself.

Mars moves into your 3rd house opening doors to new networks. You will make clearer decisions and connect with the right people. This is the right time to sign contracts.

The Sun in Libra on the 22nd will stir up fun energy, use this energy to hang out with your friends and have a great weekend. This day is an awesome day for making wishes.

The full moon will be in your 5th house, think about the things that please you, focus on your love life. Why not start a new business, you may even discover a new hobby, be creative.


Capricorn – Your ruling planet Saturn, moves direct on the 6th, this vibration will have you thinking seriously about your life. Magic is in the air, the energies that be will help you get “unstuck” from an unfavorable situation. Make room for a little “me” time and do some self-discovery.

The New Moon, Mercury and the Sun will enter your 9th house of wisdom, beliefs and education. Perhaps take a management class or some other course that will increase your knowledge to advance your career. Plan an adventure abroad or share your videos, blogs or publish a book. It is a good time to learn, teach and share something new with others. Consider expanding your spiritual journey. Some of you may find a job that takes you overseas.

Venus and Jupiter will meet in your 11th house, giving your current friendships energy to grow into a new level or new friendships will develop. The combined energy from these two planets wants to help you find business partners through new social circles, go out there and meet new people.

Mars in your 2nd house is pushing you to be more proactive regarding your business ideas and finances, perhaps revive one of your talents to create more income.

The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd moving into your 10th house will increase your focus and energy on your career. The 10th house vibration can shine a light on you to receive recognition for your hard work. Use this energy to focus on connecting with different people to upgrade your career.

The full moon will be in your 4th house, this could be the time to change your residence, or switch up your furniture to move the energy around.


Aquarius – Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon in your 8th house will bring new beginnings to your finances. Look at how you use and spend your money, someone may assist you or invest in you. The 8th house can help you figure out how to clear your debt. This energy is good for studying sexuality, psychology and any kind of esoteric teachings.

Saturn moves direct on the 6th   showing you ways to bring some “me” time, moving you away from the chaos of your life.

Venus in your 9th house for the first 9 days will be excellent for business relationships, traveling abroad and for teaching/learning something that you love. Venus and Jupiter in your 10th house will help you expand your career, learn new skills and receive appreciation for what you do.

Mars moves into your sign and wants you to be more proactive with your health, start a new exercise regimen, change your diet, sign up for a membership, think of new ways to increase your physical well-being.

The Sun in Libra enters the 9th house. You may have feelings for long distance travel. Use this energy to connect with like-minded people.

The Full moon will be in your 3rd house, will give you opportunities to network with new people outside of your usual circumstance. The completion of a contract or negotiation you have been working on may come to a close.


Pisces – September is about making plans to gain momentum and release yourself from what has been keeping you down. Saturn direct enters your 5th house of friendships. You may be wondering if you have the friends you want. This month your friendships may be tested, your true friends will make time no matter how chaotic things get.

Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon will come into your 7th house, these combined energies will bring some freshness into your current relationship or a new love interest may come to play. This is a suitable time to start a new business.

Mars in Aquarius will venture into your 12th house, activating your internal world and integrating this energy for yourself. Mars will help you release self-sabotaging energy.  The 12th house wants you to investigate your dreams a learn more about yourself and give you healing energy for your inner world. Put some time into esoteric teachings and expand your spiritual journey. Mars in Aquarius could have you exploring your hidden talents and possibly turning into something life-changing.

The full moon will be in your 2nd house, how you are using, spending and your attitude about your relationship with money and how you receive abundance. The full moon wants you to learn how to be grateful for what you already have. Now is the moment where a breakthrough with a deal you have been working on can materialize.

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