“Intuitive paintings are spontaneous ways for me to experience my inner self, other dimensions and alternative realities. Like deep meditations or going into a trance, I never know where I am going until I get there.” – Nao Knafo

I am an artist who focuses on spirituality and on how the world is right now, but in ways that we cannot necessarily see.  My paintings contain certain energies which allow viewers to experience these realities in similar ways, each in their own personal ways.  I envision my paintings in my mind, often spontaneously; entire paintings can occur to me all at once.  These visions can happen at any place or any time.  In order to materialize what has come to me, I begin by drawing the composition on a canvas, which eventually becomes the painting.  At other times I paint intuitively from my subconscious, allowing the visions to occur to me as I paint.








everything_soulful_Nao_Knafo_7 everything_soulful_Nao_Knafo_11




Check out this unique set of visionary cards, featuring original artwork by painter Noa Knafo. Each card represents a story and holds specific energy. You can use the cards as a guide to open up new life paths or simply for inspiration. The deck was created with the intention that everything in life can be solved from a positive perspective.  These cards invite you to be part of a spiritual journey unlike any other Tarot deck. Each card comes with its own description that links to a knowledge hub, where you are invited to not only read further into each meaning, but also to become part of the meaning by adding your own insights. Together, the readers of the visionary cards will co-create a spiritual universe unique to their own experiences with the deck.


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