In numerology, 3 is the magic number.  March is the 3rd month in a Number 3 Year.  This March will vibrate on a very powerful master number 33.  On March 3rd, we will feel the strongest manifestation of this energy because it will express the number 333.

3 is a highly expressive number that embodies the totality of who we are in mind, body and spirit, it also symbolizes the harmony and balance that is attained when we are in alignment. It calls us to voice our truth and communicate our desires and aspirations to ourselves, others, and that of humankind. On March 3rd the universe will support and encourage us to speak our truth and create balance and harmony on a mind, body and soul way.

Utilize the energy of this month to uplift your heart, mind and soul vibrations.  Remember your deeper truth and work hard to clear out beliefs and thought patterns that are deep-rooted in outmoded philosophies. Remain in balance by meditating, checking in with yourself, and do your best to regenerate when you can.

Don’t forget to set your alarm for this Sunday some time before 3:33pm to gather your thoughts and intentions.  It’s as simple as speaking those dreams into existence for that whole minute.  Put your heart and soul into it!

Special thank you Soul Sister Jasmine Gonzalez for this wisdom and insight.

Recommended Aromatherapy Potion to Work with: