Incense Purification

Incense has long been used by spiritualists to purify the air and the soul.  It increases positive energy and drives away negative energy.  The pure air is like health food for the brain and the body, resulting in an increased motivation and energy level.


The use of specific incenses enables clear thinking and helps in developing a state of complete awareness.  Monks recognized this benefit of incense long ago and used it during their meditation to clear the air as well as their thoughts.


Sandalwood possesses one of the highest vibration of any incense.  It keeps us close to our divine essence.  The intoxicating aroma sends a meditative frequency to the brain quieting that constant mental chatter in our heads when it is time to be still.  It is a great tool for meditation and prayer as it resonates with our 3rd eye and crown chakra which connects us to our spiritual awareness.  Sandalwood helps in keeping grounded and brings calmness to the body when experiencing anxiety.


Palo Santo clears negative energy and restore tranquility and calm.  It brings deep healing to the physical body.  Used for clearing a home of energies associated with illness.  Inspires creativity, love, and helps bring good fortune.  Brightens energy and promotes feelings of positivity and joy.  Reduces stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.  Helps with connecting to the Earth and great for meditation.

Dragon blood is the common name for resin from the Dracaena tree, the sap of which is bright red and looks convincingly like blood.  Its musty, deep, and slightly sweet scent is intoxicating and sexy.  This sacred smoke raises vibrations and assists with magical practice.  Dragon Blood has been prized as a grounding, and extraordinarily powerful protector against negativity.  This resin is recommended and useful for motivation, strength, courage, making changes, success in competitions and passion just to name a few.


The packet includes 12 Incense Cones are made from a combination of resin, essential oil, natural flowers and herbs crafted by hand with a Lotus Flower Soapstone base.