For today’s New Moon in Taurus, initiate your seed sowing by taking yourself on a meditative visualization of your most beautiful, perfect garden.  Pull weeds, turn the earth, sow your ideas and desires, fertilize them with your love and watch them bloom into full abundant fruition.

Despite the chaos that you might feel around you, nurture yourself in some way and have some fun. Smell the roses along the way and do something for yourself that represents self-care with a bit of luxury like going to a fine restaurant or a massage. This is a great time to purge the old, bring in something new.  Do a little  upgrade in the area of beauty and inspiration.

Get into your body; exercise, dance, plant a garden. It will relieve tension and open you up to new energy.

Taurus is also symbolized by the Garden. The Garden of sensual delight, of peace and fertility, the Garden paradise we all long for.

We can reclaim our connection to this earthly paradise when we listen to and observe the world around us and understand how it feels to us.

Nature heals.  Even the shadow.