Mother Earth

Pachamama is an ancient Inca fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, providing the earth’s inhabitants everything needed to sustain life.  She is referred to in other cultures as Gaia and Mother Earth.


Pachamama (translating to “World Mother” or “Mother Earth”) is honored during the month of August with the Challa or Pago (payment) Festival that celebrates the harvest and fertility of the land. On the eve of August 1st, families cook a lavish meal in honor of Pachamama.


The Incas in Peru and parts of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador believe that she is the mother of Inti, the Sun God (although some sources say this was her husband).


In history, when people would take too much from the land or did not treat her with respect, the Inca described Pachamama as a dragon beneath the mountains that would shake, causing earthquakes, as a reminder to honor her.


Touching the Earth

A very simple way to feel more connected to Pachamama is to sit on the ground. Take a few seconds to notice how you are feeling – the state of your energy. Then place your hands on our Mother Earth and with intent, connect the energy of your body through your hands with the energy of the Pachamama.

Ask her to bring your energy into harmony with hers. Notice how your energy shifts to a more calm and grounded state. Thank Mother Earth and fill your heart with gratitude as you move through the rest of your day.