Sacred Geometry reveals the secrets
of both physical and spiritual reality.
It is an exploration into the source of
Beauty and Energy and Intelligence.
It is a key to good Science, a light on
the Mystical Path, and secret of great Art.

 symmetryFor centuries, symmetry has remained a subject that’s fascinated philosophers, astronomers, mathematicians, artists, architects, and physicists. The ancient Greeks were downright obsessed with it—and even today we tend to side with symmetry in everything from planning our furniture layout to styling our hair.

No one’s sure why it’s such an ever-present property, or why the mathematics behind it seem to permeate everything around us.

Just be warned: once you’re aware of it, you’ll likely have an uncontrollable urge to look for symmetry in everything you see.

SacredGeometry_Sunflower SacredGeometry_ThinkingCactus SacredGeometry_ViolaSacculus SacredGeometry_Succulents SacredGeometry_SpiralingSucculent SacredGeometry_Romanesco Broccoli SacredGeometry_PelecyphoraAselliformis SacredGeometry_Ludwigia Sedioides SacredGeometry_Lobelia SacredGeometry_LeafLadder SacredGeometry_CrassulaBuddhaTemplePlant SacredGeometry_Dahlia SacredGeometry_Aloe Polyphylla SacredGeometry_AmazonLilyPad SacredGeometry_AmazonLilyPad2 SacredGeometry_Camelia SacredGeometry_ChameleonTail SacredGeometry_HoyaAldrichii SacredGeometry_FractalCabbage SacredGeometry_Flowers Like Jeweled Carpet Sacred Geometry