Even if you pray, meditate, are spiritual, loving and follow all the rules, it won’t exempt you from sh*t happening.

Life is a school for the evolution of your soul’s growth and the best lessons come from those challenges.

When you are in the midst of a financial crisis, a break up, illness, betrayal or your life falling apart, it’s difficult to see how it all makes sense.

Rather than asking yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”, which keeps you locked into being a powerless victim.
Get curious and ask, “What is my soul seeking to learn through this experience?”

Stop and listen to that inner voice. If you are open minded, you will FEEL the answer.
Your soul is here to evolve. The objective is to go beyond seeing things as good or bad.

Every life challenge is an opportunity to grow and become wiser.

Pray to expand your inner strength, not for your life to get easier.

These experiences force you to grow and realize more of who you really are and put your spirituality into action.

So, if you are in a middle of a crisis – Congratulations!!! It means that you are graduating to the next level and something else is now seeking to be expressed through you!

You have what it takes to see yourself through this challenge and your soul can handle it. Embrace the growth and become more of who really are. Trust in yourself, remember past lessons and put that wisdom into action. Pa’lante! (keep it movin’)