Juicing for the chakras does wonders! The Sacral chakra is located at the sacrum, just at the base of the spine and below the navel. It is widely recognized as the seat of the soul.  


The attributes of this sacred space involve sexuality, creativity, pleasures, likes and dislikes, and satisfaction. When this is balanced, our ability to “go with the flow”, or to surrender and tune into our true feelings is heightened.

Creativity flourishes under a balanced Sacral Chakra. Emotionally, feelings of guilt, compulsiveness, lack of sexual drive, and mental weakness are associated with a blockage in the sacral chakra.


8 organic carrots

2 organic oranges (or tangerines)

1 organic piece ginger root

A nice squeeze of Lemon (optional)


Scrub the carrots well to remove any dirt and peel the skin from the tangerine or oranges before juicing. Process all ingredients through a juicer thoroughly, stir and enjoy within 15 minutes for the maximum benefit of the vitamins.