Mercury in retrograde is a period for reflection. We may face some instability or absence of clear judgment.  Take a deep breath and look over your goals, if you feel stuck, or lost in the sauce, then use this time for re-ENVISIONING.

Do you need to rewrite, renegotiate or reorganize your life?

Mercury retrograding in Pisces is instructing you to rethink your higher vision, advising us to trust in our intuition when considering new partnerships, jobs or projects, if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Mercury in Pisces encourages us to meditate, to commune with our ancestors, angel guides and oracles, it inspires us to communicate more spiritually then logically.

evertything_soulful_mercury_retrograde_piscesDuring this Mercury retrograde period, many of us will experience a radical change in our belief systems.  What we assumed we wanted, or what we believed we wanted could no longer be our truth.  We may have to change our beliefs and find a deeper, more meaningful truth that vibrates from within.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and illusion, so beware of smoking mirrors, too much fantasy and self-deceit, decipher what is illusion/ego and what is real.

Special thank you Soul Sister Jasmine Gonzalez for this wisdom and insight.

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