The Flower of Life life reminds us of our inter-connectedness with everything in the Universe.  It heightens our sense of the sacred connection and the beauty in all things.

flower of life

Reflecting on this symbol and its meaning heightens heart-centered feelings, and increases our compassion and empathy for people, animals and plants.  Because we are all intrinsically connected, everything is truly an aspect of ourselves to be experienced through the lens of love. 

The sweet melody of chimes invigorate the soul,  awaken the senses and the spirit.  Bells have a healing effect on the body and mind, reducing emotional stress, bringing feelings of inner-peace and balance.

Chimes enhance your indoor / outdoor vibe, adding color and texture to your landscape while simultaneously creating good luck and positive energy.  You can hang them on your window, your door knob, even against the wall as an ornament or anywhere in your outdoor space (yes, even on your fire escape!).


– resonate with praise, victory and celebration

– fortify nature’s harmonic balance with human life

– are an icon of the voice of The Divine

– represent the wisdom of emptiness

– signify the aspect of universal compassion

– bring us closer to the enlightened mind

10′ x 2.5′ inches

* The Flower of Life has been recorded by many cultures around the world. It can be found in many sacred texts and Ancient cultures. For example, it was incorporated in statues at Chinese temples and engraved on walls in Ancient Egypt. It’s connection to major religions and Ancient cultures suggest the deep-rooted spiritual knowledge found in the symbol.
The flower is made up of 19 overlapping circles, which expand from the Seed of Life.  The pattern begins with a single circle, symbolizing that all of creation and everything in existence stems from a single source. This shows us how everything in the Universe is connected; it all comes from one seed.  Everything we see around us in another aspect of ourselves.