This Full Moon in Libra will energize your deepest desires to come alive. The moon comes with its dynamics and its complications.

Libra is about compassion, balance and harmony, it will influence you to want to make up for lost time, to want to solve every problem, however, the planetary aspects will be more stressful than usual. Libra is the peace maker of the zodiac, using diplomacy in conflict, nevertheless, Mars squaring the Moon can make us more sensitive, unsure and make us more concerned with what others think of us.

Many deep feelings will be felt – it will be hard to understand what they are, and how to explain them. Remain mindful of your impulses, channel your energy into something positive. Take a brisk walk, go to the gym and kickbox, meditate, do yoga or sit in nature. Take it easy with this “Blue Moon” and be reflective on the events happening around you.

You may want to hide your true feelings, this is not a good idea. This will cause a burden within your heart and your instincts will want you to liberate your feelings. Also, the competitive bug in us all will veer its ugly head, creating tension in relationships. Concentrate this energy instead on what is beneficial to the whole. Remain conscious of the effect your actions have on the world and it will carry you to success. Despite its suppressive energy, this Saturn T-square could convey the healing necessary that couldn’t of been asked for.

Mars squaring the Libra Full Moon will have you indulging in your sensual side, connecting physically with others or spending time with your purest essence. This could bring out the classic narcissists and have us craving for approval and love so intensely that we may not be discerning enough when it comes to whom we give our bodies to. Those of you into the bad girl/guy type, please be careful how and who you empathize with, you can easily be taken advantage of. Be careful who you invest your time with, know and be explicit with what terms and boundaries you need to have.


The planetary influences are gracing us with a window of opportunity take make things right on the inside and outside. A little spring cleaning of our thought and actions to produce great karma is in order at this time. Also, If your projects require strength and endurance along with hard work, use this full moon energy to move forward. it can bestow rewards and bring success along with riches through hard work and through the lessons we have learned.

Mars energy is best used, not observed and it is strongest in Capricorn, as it inspired us to get things done. If your projects require strength and endurance along with hard work, use this Mars in Capricorn to move forward. Just remember, do not launch or start anything until after April 15th, when Mercury goes direct.

Happy Spring and stay present!

Horoscopes and Planetary Forecasts are contributed by our very own: Jasmine A. Gonzalez

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