Your home is a representation of your mind, body and spirit.  In many ways, there is a connection between all of these energies.

When your environment feels good, it helps you to feel good and just the same, when you feel good within, that is also reflected in your environment.

You may have heard the saying, home is where the heart is, and this is perhaps true in more ways than one.  Perhaps on the deepest level, your home is a reflection of your heart.

As we enter the new season, it is important to clear out any clutter from your home.  Hence, the traditional term ‘Spring Cleaning’.  This is especially true if you have been dealing with heavy energies, or if you have been feeling stuck and stagnant in your life.

Here is how to energetically cleanse your home in order to welcome in new energy.


Step 1: Start with Physical Cleaning

You can’t energetically cleanse your space until you have physically cleaned it. Go into every room in your house and start removing items that you no longer need or that are no longer aligned with your vision.  Once the clutter is removed, begin scrubbing, dusting and so on – fun, I know!


Step 2: Smudge Your Home

Once your home is physically cleansed, it is time to do an energy cleansing. You can read more about how to cleanse your home with sage here. (If you don’t like Sage you can also use incense, Palo Santo or bells).


Step 3: Place Crystals in your Home

To invite a flow of positive, loving and healing energy into your home, use crystals. Here are some suggestions:

  • Place amethyst by your front door in order to protect your home from negative energy
  • Place two pieces of rose quartz in the bedroom in order to invite positive and harmonious relationships
  • Place citrine in the home office to invite abundance and prosperity
  • Place clear quartz near all technology like computers, internet routers and the TV in order to minimize free radical damage
  • Place celestite in the dining room or family area to promote happy conversations and to invite blessings from angels


Step 4: Decorate with Nature

Bringing nature inside the home is a great way to evoke positive energy and to clear the energy of your home. Certain indoor plants have also been proven to work just like a natural air filter. Here are some of the best options when it comes to clearing the air in your home:

Aloe vera

Gerbera Daisy

Bamboo Palm / Lady Palm / Areca Palm / Date Palm

Ficus Alii

Peace Lily

Boston Fern

Corn Plant

English Ivy


Step 5: Adopt the Principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese design art of bringing positive energy into the home. One of the simplest principles of Feng Shui is to balance the energy of earth, air, fire, water and metal in each room. Here are a few basic Feng Shui principles you can adopt:

  • In order to create a clear flow of energy, avoid having cluttered spaces and areas of the home that are cramped and crowded. Perhaps take a walk through your home and see if you can create a clear channel for positive energy to flow.
  • In watery rooms of the house like bathrooms, bring in more earthy elements such as plants, rocks and crystals.
  • The bed should be positioned in the room so its diagonal to the door – you don’t want to sleep directly opposite the door and you don’t want to sleep next to the door.
  • When decorating in your bedroom, try to create balance and symmetry on both sides of the bed.
  • In the home office, your desk should be in the “power position” which is in direct view of the door – never sit with you back facing the door or with your head facing a wall.
  • Try to bring as much natural light into the home as possible, especially in the family room and kitchen.
  • Don’t keep items stored under the bed, this is said to block the flow of energy and can interrupt a good night of sleep.
  • Furniture should be placed in a way so it does not restrict the passage or flow of energy through the room – if possible, people should sit with their backs to the wall.
  • Sharp corners on tables are said to promote harsh energy, so choose rounded corners whenever possible.
  • Do not keep broken items in the home, as they are believed to carry “broken” energy.
  • Fix clogged drains, as a build up of water indicates that energy is not able to freely flow.
  • Bathroom doors and toilet lids should be kept closed at night in order to promote the flow of positive energy.


Step 6: Create an Altar

Find a spot in your home to create your own private altar. This is like a sacred space where you can home to meditate or simply sit and reflect. You can also include precious items on your altar such as crystals, photographs and even any wishes or affirmations that you have made for the coming year.

Happy Soulful Spring Cleaning!